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Part 18: Update Seventeen And A Half: The World Refused To Change...

Update Seventeen And A Half: The World Refused To Change...

Howdy, folks! Leavemywife here with a special bonus update for our Chrono Trigger LP. In this bonus update, we'll explore the new DS Arena of the Ages, and find out just what about that bucket the Old Man wishes we would avoid. Let's bounce.

We've gotta pop back to the End of Time for what we're doing.

We jumped back into the friendly Imp's wardrobe to get back here. He didn't seem to mind.

The Old Man had just gotten back to his nap, so I came to ruin it.

And now we'll run off here to avoid his wrath, as I"m sure cleaning snot off yourself after a burst like that is an irritating event.


I'm not making the Iron Butterfly joke this update. I hit my quota for the rest of the LP the last time I did it.

This playthrough; unfortunately for me, I've been here a time or two.

"Your fee for membership is $17.95, which we collect by punching you in the crotch."

Reading this bit of text makes this place sound great, like you're going to swing in and have interdimensional cockfights or something.

"I'll collect your membership fee right now, if you don't mind."

Well, this is a Let's Play, so I think it's the right thing to do.

Yeah, we really need to get some Blue Imps in here for arms day, and some skeletons for abs, and the Acids/Alkalis in for endurance.

"Vichael Mick is our lead administrator. He's a very kind man."

"He outfits the monsters with the razor blades on their toes."

"I've never seen him participate in any of the activities here, outside of selling items, but sometimes you find bones and feathers hidden with his merchandise."

You'd have to be mentally deficient not to grasp what this place does.

In a story about time travel, they're kind enough to give us a reason as for why this isn't wasting time from our quest. How kind of them.

I have no idea where else you can come here from. I literally don't.

"Careful, though. That might be one of the loose Mimics around here; damned things are everywhere, worse than when we had that Tribble outbreak."

The only thing I can think of to explain those last two lines is if you do a DS Wireless battle with your friends. And, oh, yeah, Chrono Trigger had online play, in the form of this shithole.


We're free to explore for a bit here, so let's do some chatting.

I don't have a monster, so probably not.

He's actually giving you tips on being a better trainer. Do shit to make your monster trust you, and it'll listen to you. If you're a dick to it, it won't listen. Just like it most any other monster training/battle simulator game.

And you fight with it to gain that trust.

Maybe if I had a monster.

And she's telling us here that if you send a monster out to train, you can give it different items for different effects. We'll cover those in a bit.

The shop keeper doesn't even give us a hello; he's probably planning on eating that little girl's monster and is wondering if he can use its flame-tech to charbroil itself or if he should pre-heat the oven.

Here's the various items you can buy for your monster. Flameclaw, Seafang and Duskeye are elemental items to give them, with the first two being Fire and Water items, while the Duskeye is the Shadow item.

The Luxwing is the Light elemental item, while the Hawk Talon increases offensive capabilities, the Shield Cloak increases defensive ones, and the Feral Wrath, as highlighted, makes critical hits do four times as much damage, as opposed to the usual two times. I buy none of these things.

If we had a monster, we could send it to fight in the Pit to grow stronger.

Give me a while, dammit, we'll do it.

And you can fight a computer or fight a friend who made the unfortunate decision of wandering into the Arena of the Ages.

This guy over here talks about elemental affinities.

If your monster uses techs of the same affinity, it does more damage. If you use the same element on a monster with the same affinity, it won't do shit. Try and hit weaknesses, avoid resistances; basic stuff.

It itches like poison ivy.

Now, I won't be making this choice. No, no, that'll be up to you folks in the thread.

We have four different monsters to choose from, with their major difference being their color and elemental affinity.

This is where you, the readers, come in; BOLD a vote for what kind of monster we want to take. Then, since we have the option of training up different stats, BOLD a vote for what sort of stat path we'll send it down. However, be warned, it'll be a while before we get the chance to start training its magic.

Since I did this part, I chose a smidge and started training it.

I went with the Shadow smidge and I'll be training up its Strength. I want him to be able to punch your soul when I'm done training him.

I only want him around levels of Strength.

This is part of why I didn't buy any of the stuff from the shop. We get a full set here. I'll buy more as I need them.

Damn, man, I thought you were just throwing random shit at me after getting a monster like I'd be able to use it myself.

Did I explain this above? I feel I did. If not, you learn it here.

And when he's in the Pit, if he's not acting up to snuff, we can hurl items at it in hopes that it'll use it and not just resent us for hooking a Feral Claw into its brainstem.

I doubt I'll stock up.

Personally, I'd like to hear an explanation for why you won't shut the hell up.

I know I mentioned this.

Since we only have the Future, Middle Ages and Present eras, we can only send our monster to train there.

Oh, I forgot to mention; the smidge doesn't have a name. We should fix that. BOLD another vote for what we call our smidge, in addition to all that stuff I asked you to vote on up above.

Let's send our monster on its first training.

Also, holy shit, that smidge has a ton of HP. Seriously, that's more than the Guardian.

I'll send him out with this, to beef him up. I've got some product coming to help with that, too; Beefcake 5000, I believe it was called.

The Middle Ages helps with Strength training, while the Present trains for higher max HP, and the Future trains for Accuracy and Stamina.

Once you've selected your era, a Gate appears and your monster hops into it like it ain't no thang.

Lucca, that thing has three times the HP we do, put together. I'm sure it'll be fine.

Hell yes, get me out of here.

I've no idea the amount of time you have to kill before you can come back to see how the training went. But we'll be back periodically to check on it.

With that done, let's go check out that bucket.

Seriously, how bad could it be? It's just a bucket.

A Fuckyouanddie brand, if I'm reading the label correctly.

Yeah, whatever, what's the worst that'll happen?

The Warp here is pulsating, almost like a heart is beating as we travel. It grows light and dark

For being the day that Lavos comes to fuck the world up, this doesn't look too bad. I think I've been muddin' out here.

But danger is afoot!

See, everything looks--


So, uh, we popped right in front of Lavos before he blows everything to hell and back.

Something that nobody will judge you for shitting your pants in front of.

We said we would fight and prevent that bad Future. Our opportunity has knocked.

Marle's line here is cool and appropriate, but

Lucca knocks it out of the park.

Let's dance, motherfucker!

Now, I usually don't just drop videos in the middle of stuff like that, but that's partially to make sure you actually watch it. It's a good preview of Lavos and what he's all about. Check it out if you haven't.

After the fight, everything turns to shit anyway. Perhaps if we hadn't died like chumps...

Truce is Chrono's village and the first taken out. Was Lavos taking a bit of revenge there?

"Everything's fucked, sir!"

Before getting this map screen, you get a bunch of shots of smaller regions with impact zones popping up; I thought it easier just to show you, in one piece, that the entire world is getting their shit pushed in.

Towns we've barely heard of!

If you'll recall, Doan did mention one of his ancestors was a Dome Director.

"You might die slightly less horribly down there than up here!"

A large piece of stone crashes into the room.

And then two more. This place is falling down around their ears.

The operators get the hell out of Dodge.

But the Director, he takes a page from a sea captain.

And goes down with his ship.

In our view from space, we see the world blasted and destroyed before our eyes.

And now, for those of you who didn't know it, one of the most iconic lines has now been brought into context.

It gives some more motivation to take down Lavos; the Future will change!

Anyways, on a lighter note, don't forget we have to decide what kind of smidge we want, what sort of training to give him, and what his name will be. Voting will stay open until Tuesday afternoon, and don't forget to BOLD your vote!

Next time, we'll go back to your regularly schedules programming.