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Part 23: Update Twenty Two: Re-Ride The Wind

Update Twenty Two: Re-Ride The Wind

Howdy, folks! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we started climbing the Denadoro Mountains, met some jerkass enemies, and lit a bunch of hammers on fire. Today, we're going to finish off our mountain trek, so let's bounce.

There's not a lot of mountain left, but we do have a pretty big boss fight coming.

Getting this chest reminds me; I went back to the beginning of the mountain and grabbed the chest I missed.

The Mirage Hand added +3 to Robo's attack, and that's about it. Is it worth it? Not really, but I still went back for it. If you're curious where it is, when we first entered the mountain, there's a river to the right of the ladder we climbed. Follow that and the chest is in the area it leads you to, sort of hidden behind some terrain.

Moving forward, we find this Speed Capsule.

I give it to Robo, as he could desperately use the speed. Lucca is as slow as he is, but she has the Taban Vest to help her.

Remember that douchebag Freelancer who was throwing stuff at us? He's right there.

And he's still not done with his bullshit. By the way, if you get hit with one of those, the lead character loses 5 HP.

The ladder is broken, so Chrono and crew falls off of it, looking surprised. I guess they don't pay attention to where they're stepping.

And the game gives us this Shelter where there's no save point coming up and we can't get to the previous one.

Aww, look at the cute snoozin' Ogans.


Robo's Mirage Hand in action. That sums up the fight pretty well, I think.

Alright, let's go wreck that Freelancer.

Son of a bitch!

When we get up there, he jumps over on the other side and down.

We've got him trapped now!

So he's taken the hunter and made us the hunted. Checkmate, Freelancer, you sunk my battleship.

He dies first.

And then we Fire Whirl those two hammer guys, destroying both of their hammers at once.

Now let's get to the interesting part up here. As much fun as I had lighting things on fire, it's time to go light a boss on fire.

Hey, someone beat us here.

And it's just a kid. Why couldn't that little shit Tata do this? I mean, he was already up the first ladder when we got here.

Did I talk about that? Because that kid we saw at the beginning was Tata, the Hero, running for his life.

I guess we'll just grab the sword and scoot and skedaddle.

Or perhaps not. Maybe this kid has claimed the sword for his own.

He's jumping up here, by the way. Sprite-based games don't always show that very well.

Why the hell else would I climb this mountain?

"I was using it as a pillar in my pillow fort, so let me go adjust the blueprints."


I hope it's a different one.

Alright, so let's take a look at this for a second. These two kids are named Masa and Mune, and they're hanging out with this sword, which is also the Masamune.

That's right; it's not a katana. In the Japanese version of the game, this sword is known as the Grandleon, a sword made up for the Chrono Trigger franchise. In the SNES translation, Woolsey changed it to the Masamune, as he thought Americans would recognize that better and know that this sword is a really awesome thing. They kept it as it's classic and people probably would have burned Nintendo down if they had changed a key part of their nostalgia like that. I didn't want anyone in the thread to mention the name since there are people reading along who haven't played the game, and I liked that they believed it was a katana (as most of us did when first playing it), and that Chrono would wield it.

But who do we know who wields broadswords?


We're not the first ones to show up here to claim this sword. Which isn't surprising, since who doesn't want to get their hands on a legendary blade that could save the world from the dickbag trying to destroy it?

Hey, it's not for me; I'm just grabbing it for a friend.

But if I have the strongest one, then I can do more important things with it. Like kill the Fiendlord.

Man, why is everyone down on humans?

"Take their woman and taunt them for being Outlanders!"

For the record, I'm imagining this kid running around with a cape, acting like Ye Olde Supermane.

They're not children at all! What a tweest!

If you want to see this fight in video form, click here!

So the fight with Masa and Mune begins. They have no particular weaknesses except for one, which we'll see in a second. Their attacks are mostly physical, but they can do a Double Tech to Confuse a party member.

The attack that just hit Robo, by Masa I think, is a little combo of punches.

Like Zorn and Thorn in FF9, you only have to defeat one of them to win this fight. I chose to beat up Mune. I think.

They each have 1,000 HP, but with average Defense and Magic Defense.

They have a counter, too, which looks rather familiar.

Not quite as effective as when Chrono and Frog did it.

As for their weakness, which Rabbi Raccoon clued me in on waaaay back when we first learned Hypnowave, is that you can put them to sleep.

Well, one of them went to sleep. Still handy, though, since we won't be waking him up.

A physical would wake him up.

As opposed to his brother, Mune's physical is a single Bruce Lee palm strike.

Compared to most other enemies we've fought, these two hit us fairly well.

But we can him them better.

"They torched my brain and spinal cord at the same time!"

Yet another mention of this Cyrus fellow. I wonder who he is...

Good to know you're going to take this seriously.

They'll unleash the high-five of ultimate power!

...What in the hell is that?

The video link up above also covers this fight. And if you're not clicking music links, at least click that one. It's the "this has gotten real" boss fight music.

Masa & Mune have 3,600 HP to tear through, which is far more than any boss we've fought up to this point. This battle can take a while.

His basic attack is this double-handed chop, which does a good bit of damage.

Still no weaknesses and regular defenses. The hard part of this fight is surviving his attacks and taking care of his huge HP.

Blitz him with your strongest attacks and keep your health high, and you should make it through.

He's got some badass attacks, though, like this one.

In which he sucks up a character in a twister.

And drops them like a hot brick.

Which hurts like hell, frankly, as you could imagine.

Remember that one guy back in Dorino who mentioned something like this?

This guy, specifically.

If you don't remember this, then you can't knock Masa & Mune out of their storing phase.

If we hadn't dissipated their wind energy, they have a counter for when you attack them.

Not as powerful as the Twister, but it still does a good bit of damage.

And that pretty well covers the fight. There isn't a ton to talk about here, since it's basically your party and the brothers beating the shit out of each other until one falls.

After the fight, everyone levels up!.


Oh, good, they're just children again.

Of course we w--Wait, fix you?

I can do this part, but who do I know who's a blacksmith?

If you look, you can see the two kids disappearing into the sword.

...It's just the blade of the sword. They've been existing as a blade for who knows how long and asked us to fix them. We have no choice.

Well, half of it, at least.

We're halfway to what we need to take on Magus.

Now, the ladder that we could use to get out of here is busted, so we've gotta figure out how to get down the mountain. There's a waterfall right outside. I guess--

Riding the wind? We already did that, kid.

Masa and Mune lift us up out of the top of the mountain and fling us to the ground.

Our adventure is put on hold for eight weeks as Chrono and Lucca recover from having their legs shattered.

Our heroes manage to drag themselves to this Inn, which has a great rate to stay.

They rest up, heal up, and we get to see Lucca's purple hair and that Robo doesn't know how to use beds.

Next, we go to visit that little shit Tata and call him out.

So, yeah, Frog lost the Hero's Badge when he got super drunk and dropped it. That's the kind of hero I can get behind.

"Everyone thought I was a Hero, and despite the Fiendlord's forces drawing ever nearer, I didn't think I'd actually have to do any Heroics!"

Tata's father has a stroke upon hearing the news that his son isn't actually a hero.

"I dropped him one too many times as a baby for him to be a Hero! Why didn't I see it before?"

Grandpa still has high hopes for Tata, though.

Ah, so Tata plans to grow up, marry several women, and murder them all.

Let's get back to Frog and see what he has to say about our having the blade.

C'mon back, friend. We've missed you. We can stop Magus together.

But we have the blade of the Masamune! We can duct tape it to your wrist and we'll go at him that way.

I've got it! I'll give it to you.

Goddammit, Frog.

...The blade glowed like that when we found it.

So Frog had the hilt, and we have the blade.

We can fix it and bring it to Frog!

Oh, great, yet another step we have to go through to repair this bastard.

Wait a second. If knowing the name Alucard has taught me anything--

But what the hell does he have to do with this?

But it's the best lead we got. Come on, Frog, let's go!

Or not. But, he's right; there's no one alive who could mend the Masamune.

Right now, at least.

Quick, to the future!

I'd tell you, but I doubt you'd believe me. The important thing is that we have it, it has your name on it, so you can fix it.

Melchior, there's more to you than just being a swordsmith.

We can time travel, so I'm sure we can take the time to listen to it.

Uh, not really. I just want the sword fixed.

Lucca, focus!

Good girl.

Oh, goddammit! I just want a new sword!

Even better! What sort of bass-ackwards place do we have to travel to find that!?

Nowhere to be found? Fuck!

Alright, let's think about this. We have time travel and a guy who lives at the End of Time to talk to. We can figure this out.

Your old ass better remember that, Mel. I'll be back with some of that Dreamstone.

But not now. We're going to take a break before we go find that.

Next time, on Chrono Trigger, we're going to a new time period! Stay tuned!