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Part 39: Update Thirty Six: The Wings Of Time

Update Thirty Six: The Wings Of Time

Welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we got kicked out of 12,000 BC and then went and unsealed a bunch of sealed chests. Today, we're going to the Keeper's Dome, as there is something truly fantastic there, so let's bounce.

If I hadn't come through here before, on our first trip to the Future, I'd have to do this entire place right now.

Which wouldn't be an issue; not that it was before, but doing it now would be tedious.

So, some people weren't exactly thrilled that I snagged the new sword for Chrono instead of the kickass helmet (which, admittedly, is a great piece of equipment).

I stand by my decision.

For comparison's sake, here's a critical from Frog. And a shot of his skinny ass, I guess, if you're into that sort of thing (please don't mention if you are).

Anywho, we've gotta make our way through the sewers again. And the paths are all open, so it's about a thirty second trip.

Most of it is taken up by this flagrant display of power.

Maybe waiting until now to do the Abandoned Sewers would have been worth it to one-shot Sir Krawlie. That sort of thing amuses me.

Alright, let's go visit the old man and the Nu he lives with.

I guess it's nap time for the Keepers.


This Nu has been waiting for us to arrive since the old man died, so that he, too, can die.

Occasionally, this game can hit you right in the heart.

And now we're back to silly stuff. It's how the Nu rolls, really.

I suppose when all begins and ends with you, you're allowed to be forgetful.

We're about to have some more information given to us, so be ready.

I have no idea who the hell is saying this, but it's as good a reaction as any to a bunch of glowy spots.

Nobody else could have done it.

That's right; one of the missing Gurus, we've met before. Something happened and he was thrown into the distant Future, and he made his home in this dome.

In Zeal, they were using Lavos as a power source, so naturally, Belthasar here knows a thing or two about it.

What we're reading here are his notes.

For the most part, these sum up a lot of what we know, but there's also some new stuff in there.

Death Peak is the mountain near the Keeper's Dome, the one we're unable to climb. Dude had some stones to set up shop that close to Lavos.

Remember this, keep it in mind, and consider some of the implications.

Despite being known as the Guru of Reason, living in this horrible future, so close to the entity that wiped out the world, Belthasar is slowly losing his mind. Which adds a little context to the first line he ever uttered to us.

Clearly, something horrible happens to Schala in whatever event sent Belthasar to the Future, and he seems to take some level of responsibility for it.

But he worked to try and make it right, whatever it was. Even if it did take him the rest of his life.

He knows that he can't do it himself, so he leaves it to whoever has managed to open the sealed door.

Which is us. Maybe he didn't know it for certain, but he definitely believed that somebody, at some time, would attempt to do what we're doing right now.

No pressure.

Let's go and see what our new ride is all about.

Well, I can't say which is the ass end, but it's a time machine, so I won't complain.

I'm just glad it's not a phone booth.

Excellent question, Marle! I have no idea, so let's go ask someone who was around for the construction of this thing. Speaking of which, this isn't the first great thing Belthasar has built.

In case you'd forgotten.

Hey, just the guy I was looking for!

I...I have no idea why the Nu says this.

Though, since it's the crazy-ass Belthasar, maybe there isn't much of a reason.

Hey, Nus are pretty cool by me. Full of TP, too.

For any of you out there who build a time machine, please make the controls this simple.

Ah, what?

...Uh, Nuthasar?

That's right; we get to name the time machine.

And it has its own portrait!

Anywho, you know the drill for name voting; BOLD a vote; we can't have more than six characters, and the characters present are what you have to choose from.

It's not a name we'll be seeing a lot, but it adds such a nice touch that they let you actually name it if you so choose.

Yeah, Marle just crawls over the Nu to get into her seat.

Frog is dignified with his entrance, and doesn't stick his toes into anyone's mouth.

And now, we have control of time itself at our fingertips.

To see the anime version of that scene, click here!

Lookit that, the time gauge is in the shape of a "C". I love this game.

To get an idea of just how badly Lavos fucked up the world when he emerged, look at the map here compared to the 2300 map. And to think, I'm going to try and kill him with a sword.

Should be a hell of a time.

I listen to a playlist when playing games, and just as this started, this came on.

And we get a fade to black...

And come back to shit getting real (and fiery).


We land back in 12,000 BC, right outside where the Gate is.

Oh, yeah, despite being called the Wings of Time, the Epoch can't actually fly.

Let's go see if he saw this one coming, and go kick the Prophet's ass.

...Or not.

However, we aren't left without any options.

In fact, there's been a place mentioned that we haven't been here.

Not this cave explicitly, but rather, we've heard about the people within.

Since we've nowhere else to go and visit, it can't hurt to try this, right?

But we'll get there next time. For now, let's take a break.