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Part 45: Update Forty Two: Aftermath

Update Forty Two: Aftermath

Last time, on Chrono Trigger, Chrono was killed.

The screen whites out as incredible power overtakes everyone else.

Schala and Magus warp back in front of the Mammon Machine, still weakened.

Marle and Lucca join them shortly.

There was nothing anyone could have done, Lucca.

But we can't focus on that right now. Schala's right; we need to get out of here.

I hope your mother burns in hell.

We could potentially blame Schala for this, but it's not her fault, not entirely. Her mother took advantage of her love and loyalty to do this.

It's hard to blame someone for loving their mother.

Schala begins casting the spell to get us out of here.

Everyone is engulfed in white light and

Disappears, as Schala laments Chrono's death.

As the screen is fading, we get another look at the Mammon Machine and Schala.

Lavos rises from the planet, breaking through as he will in 2300 AD.

His beams tear through the floating Kingdom of Zeal.

The earth of the kingdom is torn asunder.

And the kingdom is destroyed.

The Enlightened Ones, for all of their magic and cultural superiority, react with terror and panic as their home is destroyed.

Their kingdom crashes into the sea.

Which has severe repercussions for the Earthbound.

A massive surge of water washes over the Earthbound village. To see the Fall of Zeal in motion, click here.

Marle isn't handling Chrono's death as well as she could be.

Neither is Lucca; remember, they've been friends since childhood.

Thankfully, even with all that's gone wrong, the girls are okay.

The Earthbound have been keeping an eye on them.

I'm sorry, Marle.

Lavos has risen in another time period, but this one had no records kept of him. He's returned to his slumber beneath the waves, beneath the crust of the earth, no more than temporarily disturbed by our attempt to challenge him.

Melchior and Janus have disappeared.

There's only one explanation for this.

Melchior and Janus have been flung across time. We know where Melchior winds up, but what of young Janus?

We can only hope she somehow made it out unscathed.

If nothing else, at least we still have the Epoch.

Oh, Lucca...

This is the closest connection we have to Chrono at the moment.

If Chrono had any say in it, I'm sure it was.

With that, the Elder takes his leave and the girls rest.

We get to choose a new party now, and instead of holding a vote, I decided to choose my own party. I don't get to do this very often, you know.

We can't have Team Battlebros anymore, but I'm willing to take the next best thing.

May God have mercy on whatever fools cross my path.

Over in this tent, we learn some interesting information, and some that we've known for a while now. Before long, the Sun Stone stuff will come to fruition.

Not like we'd have a problem with such a task.

In this tent, we have a shop.

There's also something shiny behind the Nu, but until he moves his big blue ass, I can't grab it.

He just has some consumables for sale, and nothing new at that.

There's only one other place to go, but nothing of interest there. For now.

I really like this conversation between this Enlightened One and this Earthbound man.

As you should never give up hope, no matter what dire straights you find yourself in.

Lavos really tore this time period up. It's still salvageable, though, as we all know. This isn't the end.

Snooze on, little one.

After what he just went through, I don't have the heart to wake him.

I don't know if that's what I'd say, exactly, but--

Oh, Christ, what did he say!?

These soldiers show up and start abusing the populace.

Including bashing the Elder.

Ayla gives no shits about fireballs.

Are there any questions about why I love this woman?

Keesh and I discussed this last night, and I feel it's worth mentioning that Dalton made one hell of a right choice in clearing out of Dodge last update. For as much of an idiot as he is, he still realized that if he was dead, he couldn't be immortal.

I'm pretty sure he's talking to the people of the village common here.

I mean, his next line pretty much tells you that.

As he apparently just noticed the party. Despite flinging a fireball at us just a couple of seconds ago.

Speaking of Belthy, it's too bad we didn't get a chance to meet him while we were around Antiquity.

Oh, yeah, Dalton also stole our time machine. You fuckin' dick!

Look, Dalton, this will end one of two ways; either we do start a rebellion and we stomp your ass with their help, or we'll swing by and stomp your ass without outside help.

dramatic pause

Suck it, asswad.

Also, any questions you had about why I love Ayla, refer to that .gif. Dalton threw a fireball at her and she just balled up her knucks and punched that shit outta her way.

In all fairness, I wouldn't have expected that either, had I thrown a fireball at someone.

I don't know if I would have had the little hissy fit he does here, though.

C'mon, Dalton, you'll need to do bett--

I think Dalton's stupid is infectious.

Just for that, I'm going to kick your ass double hard, Dalton.


...Oh, hell. That includes all of our weapons, armor, and accessories.

Eh, they're just our items. We'll live.


And this is why I wanted Ayla around. Remember, she doesn't have a weapon beyond her fists. We might not have any equipment, but Ayla can still smash your spine through your pecker.

But more on that next time! Stay tuned!

Anime Cutscene

I couldn't find a place to put this that I really liked, but if you'd like to see the anime version of Chrono's death, click here.