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Part 56: Update Fifty Three: Knock Knock, Motherfuckers

Update Fifty Three: Knock Knock, Motherfuckers

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we made a desert into a forest and helped Lucca through a major traumatic event in her life. Today, we're going to begin our assault on the Black Omen, so let's bounce.

But first, we'll stop at Chrono's House. I forgot to stop at Lucca's; forgive me.

Rest assured, Lara is up and walking around, though. We'll see it later on.

Chrono's Mom reacts to everyone, but we're still missing a couple. I'll (probably) get them all, though.

"That is a chair. Your hair is green. This LP is almost at the first ending."

Chrono is such a little scamp; Mom is still riding him for that near execution. Oh, Mom!

The preceding exchange was presented without commentary for two reasons; I didn't want to ruin it, and I'm watching Kung Fu Hustle.

Alright, so, Black Omen stuff. It exists in every period except for Prehistory, since it didn't exist back then, and we can get to in every era it exists, except for 1999 AD, as that's the road straight to Lavos.

We can also run through this motherfucker three times, gaining tons of EXP, cash and TP each time.

This is not one of those times, but it is neat to visit it in the Future.

There's no spot to land, so our heroes just jump out of the Epoch to board.

Where we immediately encounter this bitch. Get used to seeing her laugh.

Like she's the goddamned Joker or some shit.

If you call reigning sleeping under the ground after blowing everything the fuck up, then yeah, he's reigning the hell out of the planet.

Is...Is she unaware we're time travelers?

She must be. Which is why I'm going to blow up her ship and kick her ass three times.

However, she sics her Laser Guards on us before we can leave.

They can blow up on you and (shockingly) shoot you with a laser. They have 400 HP to their names, which means anyone on this team can one-shot them.

People are going to be gaining a ton of levels in this place.

There are big rewards waiting in the Black Omen, so let's get this show on the road. If I used a walk-through-walls code, I could do the Omen four times, as you could enter it from here.


To do this three times, we've gotta start in 1,000 AD, then do 600 and finally 12,000 BC. If we do the earlier time period first, it disappears from all future periods (as it is destroyed and wouldn't last).

However, no matter the era you destroy the Laser Guards in, they're destroyed in all of them. It sticks out like a sore thumb, since there are so many other details that were paid attention to, but it's one of the few.

She doesn't even comment on Chrono being around again. Chances are, she doesn't even remember who he is; she's been under Lavos' thumb for 13,000 years, and Zeus only knows what that does to a person's mind.

I'll tell ya what, toots; give me five minutes and I'll make damned sure you're chilling out in the ground with the overgrown mite.

I hate to burst your bubble, darlin', but he's going to pop up for about a half hour, kill most of humanity and wreck the planet for future inhabitants, then sink back into the earth to snooze some more.

Jesus, lady, why don't you just blow him?

...Actually, no, forget I said that.

However, before departing, Queenie Zeal summons up a boss fight.

And she, instead of fading away or teleporting like that, proceeds to disintegrate to make her exit.

I fucked this boss' day up.

So, the Mega Mutant is a gigantic pussy. You can steal an Elixir from the top half and a Vigilant's Hat from the bottom half.

However, I eschew that sort of thing in favor of beating his ass six ways from Sunday.

The top half has 4600 HP, while the lower has 3850.

Normally, this would inflict Confuse, but everyone in Team is immune to status effects (barring one exception, which we'll see later).

However, it's more of a nuisance than anything else.

Behold, as a robot punches a massive mutant clean in half!

MM has other attacks, but, well, he doesn't get a chance to use them. In this one, he's using his tentacles to abuse Chrono's crotch.

And that sums up that fight. He's far from the only boss fight on the Omen, but he is, by far, the easiest.

I can't guarantee I'll make chumps of every other boss here, but do know I'm going to try my best.

There's a shitload of new enemies in here, too.

Do you remember this enemy type from when Chrono broke out of prison?

They're still more annoying than threatening, and the best way to kill 'em is to wait for them to move their shield.

Like so; it's like Whack-A-Mole, but with more robot punching.

With their shield up, they have 110 HP; when they move it, they only have a single hit point.

Their Defense is insane when the shield is up, and they're immune to all elements with it in the way.

They have one maneuver to try and dissuade you from attacking the shield.

However, status immunity prevents this from being effective, so I beat his ass when he's in defense mode. You can steal a Muscle Ring from them when their shields are in place, too.

There's a lot of fighting to be done here, and the Omen is fairly lengthy.

Martello may sound like a silly random JRPG name, but they refer to Martello Towers, which are these small defensive positions built across the British Empire from the French Revolution and forward.

They have 1,245 HP and no weaknesses, but can only shoot out a weak laser to attack.

Nice batch of EXP, too.

Moving along, these big sons of bitches come swooping in.

They're immune to Light and Shadow, and have 2800 HP, as well as some strong attacks.

They love doing that shit, too.

However, Ayla can snag some Nova Armor from them, which is a nice prize. If nothing else, it sells for a pretty penny.

They can also shoot you with little moons.

Which smarts, as you'd expect a lunar drop to do.

These guys become the target of this group's Triple Tech Twister.

Turbo Ethers are nice, and I should have a nice stock of them when I'm done with this place.

There are two enemies in this shot; can you see them?

1875 HP on these guys, with no weaknesses.

In addition to shooting missiles at you, they also have Speed Capsules available for stealing.

As well as a decent chunk of EXP.

There are two more Panels up here.

~movin' right along~

In this next room, we have these fellers.

And they show off the only status effect you can't gain immunity to.

Watchers have 850 HP, and a Firebomb attack.

Nomads are like Rubble, in that they're damned hard to hit and drop assloads of TP.

They have 1250 HP, and you can apparently steal Speed Tabs off of them.

Robo now has his final Tech, as does everyone not named Janus.

He and Chrono also pick up their last Double Tech.

There's three of these encounters in this room alone.

Firebomb in action; I'm surprised Chrono didn't nuke him like he did the last Watcher.

And if the fight goes long enough, the Nomad can escape, denying you its EXP and TP.

The Watcher doesn't give any EXP or TP; it only drops cash.

This next room features another new enemy, the Metal Mutant.

They have 1980 HP and you can steal Turbo Ethers off of them.

No weaknesses or immunities, but they have some hard hitting attacks.

Including this one, where they batter someone with their balls.

Which deals a fair bit of damage to whoever it hits, unless they have the White Vest or Plate.

It also has the drain attack the Mutants in 2300 had, but much stronger.

250 HP is trivial to restore, or to deal to him, but fairly frightening to see done to someone on your team.

Moving along, we find a new enemy, the Flyclops, and an opportunity to show off a Double Tech between Robo and Chrono.

I've had this forgoddamnedever, but didn't have much of a chance to show it off. It's another Double Tech that relies on the zone around someone (in this case, Robo).

It does damage based on Chrono's Attack times 8.

Ayla, not wanting to look like a slacker, kicked the shit out of the other one.

We encounter a teleporter to the next section of the ship.

Nothing too fancy here; just moving along.

To an elevator.

It starts taking us down.

And these new guys pop in to take the elevator over its weight limit.

Note to self; just had an idea for a SyFy channel original movie.

These guys have 1500 HP, and Megalixirs can be stolen off of them.

They didn't do it in this fight, but they'll attack their allies, drain their 1500 HP, instantly killing them. It's an odd quirk and one I don't fully understand.

Just the one fight; I'm constantly disappointed it's not a battle gauntlet.

Oh, yeah, if you didn't have enough TP when you came in here, you'll sure as hell have plenty when you leave.

Another Hydraconda over here.

Like I said, there's a lot of fucking fights in here.

I think everyone has gained at least two levels since I started, if not three.

Oddly enough, no encounters in the narrow hallways.

I have plenty of these, but I will never use one of them never mind it's the final boss fuck off i might need it next fight

This will fuel three more fights in the top tier in the Arena.

If you remember the Nu Arcana, there's a whole host of new accessories to be won there. Looking at them, I don't quite know why the fuck I'd want them. I thought they'd be cooler.

Here's what they do, since there is a low chance I'll wind up with any of them. Chrono can equip the Uranian Mirror, while Marle and Frog can equip the Pontic Mirror; Lucca can equip the Promethean Mirror, Janus has the Hadean Mirror, while Robo and Ayla can equip the Aresian Mirror.

I could let them have those, or I could throw a Wrath Band on someone and counter any attack 80% of the time.

I feel this image sums up a lot of my fights here very well.

Flyclops have 900 HP, and I bet they have some attacks, but I'll be fucked if I can tell you about more than one.

This one, actually, is the only one I know of. It might be their only attack, actually.

Chrono countered him for his transgressions.

On the right side, there's this prize, while there's nothing on the left (except for a fight).

A Martello and a Synchrite (2250 HP, by the way, with a Golden Earring as their steal) provide the perfect opportunity to show off Megavolt.

(R¬Lv + R¬Mag + C¬Lv + C¬Mag) × 13.8 for a formula, and it's Light elemental (obviously, right?). The fight on the other side is the same as this one.

And this is a hall of treasure, a save point, and a shop.

Y'know, I think I've sold more Nova Armor than I've equipped.

Two Nus, each with a different function.

This one sells items and enjoys small-talk.

He has high-end consumables, but nothing else.

I just might.

While it sounds like it, this Nu isn't offering to heal us or anything.

Instead, he serves as someone who can get us out of here if we want to. Not sure why we'd want to, but the option is available.

However, we're sticking around.

You're not going to guilt me into buying anything.

Especially since there's so much great shit sitting around here. For free, even.

Though, this is a good point to stop. I heal, save up, and then turn the vote to you.

BOLD a vote for who comes along the next stretch! I'm choosing my own party for the last bit of this place, but shall we continue with Team or shall we choose new people? Friday night or so, voting will end, so be sure to get them in and to stay tuned!