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Part 60: Update Fifty Seven: Death From The Inside

Update Fifty Seven: Death From The Inside

Howdy, folks, and welcome back. Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we blew Lavos' head off and descended into his innards to finish the fight. Let's bounce.

Usually I wait for Eevs to give me the voting results, but Team 1000 AD was the winning team. They're equipped with Prism Helms; Chrono has the Rainbow, Moonbeam Armor and the Wrath Band, while the girls have Zodiac Capes and Gold Studs.

Jesus, it's creepy in here. You can hear the beast's heart beating.

Even if it isn't, I'll keep slicing and dicing until there's nothing left inside.

Alright, you world-spanning round worm, let's dance.

To see the final boss fight in video form---Well, you know the drill.

This is how the big guy kicks off the fight, pretty much every time. I've never seen it start any differently.

No, you're not seeing that wrong. Lavos starts off by trying to kill you with laser nipples.

Thankfully, our party has max Magic Defense, so this isn't too dangerous.

First things first, we've gotta get rid of those arms. The left side has 12,000 HP, while the right has 8,000. The main body itself has 20,000 HP, so this is going to take some time.

Both arms have the same set of attacks, and we need to destroy them to hurt the body.

Who would have guessed being blasted by crescent moons would have hurt so much?

At this stage, let loose and blast the bastard with all you've got.

Shit, I even use a Megalixir. I think by this point, I've used four or five of the things.

That takes care of one of the arms. Once you get through the two of them, you've basically won this fight.

Either arm can use this, but it doesn't come up often.

Heals for a shitload of HP, though. Damn.

There's also this dickbag move. Thankfully, status ailments in Chrono Trigger aren't too dangerous, so this is more annoying than anything else. Still a dick move, though.

If nothing else, it's low damage.

A quick Frenzy destroys the other arm, and now we can focus on the body.

Now, I'm not 100% sure on this, but the main body keeps its insane defenses for a little bit after destroying the arms.

However, they always seem to fall right after this attack, so I'm thinking this might be the trigger Lavos has that drops those defenses. Either that or it's just coincidence.

Still, not very dangerous, and only Marle is confused.

At this point, blitz the jerkoff with everything you have. 20,000 HP is a good chunk to tear through, so don't be stingy with your most powerful attacks.

He still has a few attacks, but nothing to get excited about.

Low damage, but it does inflict poison.

Fire Sword II looks too cool not to use.

Plus it's pretty powerful. I'd get better mileage out of a Flare and Frenzy, though, but sometimes you gotta be stylish.

Lucca gives no fucks about you lighting her on fire. That's a contest you don't want to get into. She's far better at it.

He's got another laser beam attack, and this one is far more impressive than laser nipples.

Not damage-wise, but visually speaking. It reminds me of that scene from Terminator 2 where you see the nuke dropped.

There's this, but I'm not sure how much of a boost it is.

No matter what it is, he doesn't get a good chance to utilize it.

As we've just blown him the fuck up.

Well, good job, everybody, you were all invaluable. I'd like to thank--

--the boot I'm about to shove right up Lavos' ass.

That this is his final form and we're about to completely wreck its shit?

And here's something interesting to note; Lavos has shaped the evolution of the planet.

Lavos is responsible for magic coming to this world, for humanity succeeding as it has, and for every major evolutionary step in our planet's history.

Well, I'm sure there will be nothing wrong with destroying the creature responsible for our evolution that lives outside of time in its own pocket dimension thingy.

Lavos may be responsible for evolution and shit, but Marle's right; this is our home, and I'll be damned if I let this fucking shitsack ruin it.

Well, she puts it better than I did, and in a more family friendly way.

Without the next screenshot, this line looks absolutely terrible.

There we go; that's better.

Here it is, the final fight. We've destroyed Lavos' head, blown out his innards, but now we're taking down his core, which will end this global bot fly's existence.

The Core itself has 30,000 HP, while the bits have 2,000 and 10,000 HP.

Not a bad start, but to be truly efficient in ending this fight, we need to destroy both bits.

The left bit absorbs all elements, but with only 2,000 HP, Chrono can drop it easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.

Randomly through the fight, we'll undergo a Temporal Shift, which takes us to a variety of different spots we've visited throughout history. Which Chrono can counter, amusingly.

There's a lot of high-power attacks being flung around in this fight, by both sides.

That, however, is not one of them.

The Left Bit is one of those cute fuckers that has a healing move to use on the boss.

However, at this point, 1,000 isn't all that much HP. Chrono can blast that away with a single attack.

Mad jams can be thrown out to throw a random status ailment on a character. If they weren't immune to status ailments.

...Look, I swear, there are more impressive attacks in this fight.

The Left Bit is the easiest to drop, considering it's low HP.

I find it interesting one of the spots we can be taken to is Janus' Keep, considering the history between the two.

The Left Bit is also an MP draining asshole. I really hate that guy.

Hey, here we go; something interesting!

Granted, it just halves your party's HP, but that can still be dangerous.

Alright, that douchebag is gone. Onto the next bit!

Oh, yeah, by the way, Lavos' true Core is the little thing on the right. It's a trick from the devs, and one I absolutely adore.

With the pre-battle dialog and it having all of the power attacks in the fight, you're really thinking the Center Bit is the Core.

Now, this damage may not look impressive, but remember that this party has maximum Magic Defense. This attack is insanely powerful.

However, it pays for trying to nuke us.

Upon destroying those two Bits, we've got a window of opportunity to start chipping away at its 30,000 HP before it brings its bitches back and restores its defenses.

Suck it down, Lavos Core!

It isn't a ton of time before the Bits are revived, but it's enough time to drop a ton of damage on the Core.

The Core doesn't restore defenses immediately, so you could keep dropping damage on it, but you'll eventually have to drop the bits again.

This attack returns, but the Center Bit doesn't capitalize on being able to inflict Marle with an ailment.

Antipode Bomb III is a fantastic Double Tech.

There's also an interesting counter for if you drop the Center Bit before the Left.

Remember this; X-Strike is so kickass, even the world-eating parasite takes advantage of it.

It does a fair amount of damage, too.

I'm not sure the time frame for the Core restoring its defenses, but if you had a strong enough party, it's entirely possible to kill the Core before it restores those defenses.

But as soon as both Bits are gone, those defenses fucking vanish.

There's one attack left worth mentioning that the Center Bit used.

He just hauls out and smacks the goddamned taste out of someone's mouth.

And holy Christ does it hurt.

But, that pretty well sums up this fight, so let's finish it.

With the Core passing on, the remaining Bits will instantly die.

The fight ends with rapid flashes of past locations.

All of which are available to see with the Temporal Distortion.

Eventually, everything whites out...

And then fades to black.

Next time, we'll cover the first ending. Stay tuned.