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Part 66: Update Sixty Two: Prismastone Horseshit

Update Sixty Two: Prismastone Horseshit

Howdy folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, I nearly hung myself when doing the first little bit in this place. Today, I'll come one step closer to needing psychiatric treatment, so let's bounce.

We'll be helping out this jerkoff to start with.

We never see this sick daughter, so I'm guessing this shitheel is probably bullshitting us and merely has a bunion he wants to get rid of.

...Mount Emerald...

I absolutely despise Mount Emerald. All of you who have played do, too. If you claim you don't, you're a fucking liar and should be beaten with a hose.

We're passing through the jungle this time around. Not spending any appreciable amount of time here.

On the east side, there's this entrance to Mount Emerald. I can't remember exactly off-hand, but I think passage here is blocked until you accept this quest.

Yes, that's a goddamned black Nu with a reddish Mohawk.

Who is trying to bar our progress.

I think this is supposed to be another boss fight, but he's piss-easy.

Lucca, I'm not sure why, but your dialog here is bugging me. You're probably off the team for the next few updates.

So, the Nu Guardian. No video here, either, because this fight is also boring as shit.

He has 6100 HP, with very high Defense and high Magic Defense. Just how high of a Magic Defense, you ask?

Yeah, that's fucking crazy. Chrono's Magic stat is over 60 (he, Frog, and Robo got most of the 99 Magic Capsules I had from the last playthrough).

For something potentially scary, he counters all elemental magic with the highest spell of that element; Fire is Flare, Shadow is Dark Matter, and Water/Ice becomes...Ice II. Yeah, Water magic kind of gets the shaft for regular spells.

However, he has the magical ability of a dead Harry Potter extra, so this just serves to waste time and make this horseshit last longer than it should.

Oh, if you're interested, you can Charm a Mop from this guy, like the other Nus.

And, finally, physical effectiveness.

This fight presents no challenge.

Even this attack isn't dangerous, as he won't follow it up quick enough to capitalize on a character being a pillow smack away from death.

But, hey, not a bad bit of EXP for winning. Lucca gained a level, even.

But don't think this is the last we'll see of him.

He saunters on off, to go train and eventually get his ass beat by us again later on.

Let's scale this big bastard and get our Prismastone.

The path is fairly long and there's a lot of encounters. Thankfully, you can run past a good portion of them.

Don't even bother trying to physically attack these guys. Every physical will miss. However, with only 750 HP and low-ass Magic Defense, just about any magic attack will annihilate them.

Flare will hit for over 3,000 damage on these guys.

A lot of this shit will be cut down. There's also a lot of treasure here.

Trust me, you're not missing much with me cutting out bits of this journey. There's a save point at the top of this ladder, though.

Exiles are also wandering around up here and can be dodged around.

However, this encounter can't be avoided.

I'm sure there's a great reason these guys have the name they do, but it's certainly not for any physical attribute.

They are, however, immune to all elements, so you can't just nuke this encounter. I'm sure they have attacks of some sort, but I don't think you'll be seeing them. Even if you weren't on New Game+ like I am.

That helmet is pretty good evidence you're supposed to do this before the Black Omen and the other sidequests.

Almost done with this screen. So close.

I don't even know why I'm opening these chests. I don't need this shit.

Yes, that is a second save point here. I don't fucking know why.

Oh, thank you, dear sweet, eight pound six ounce, baby Jesus.

We grab our recolored Dreamstone and can leave this shithole.

Through the magic of editing, you don't have to deal with the return trip.

If it does nothing for her, you'll be sending someone else out to find another one of those things for the ass-whooping I'ma lay on you.

Well, the prize isn't half-bad.

Lucca gets the Speed Tabs and Frog gets the Strength Tabs. He's lagging behind our other physical fighters.

We're not done here yet, though. There's just a bit more to finish off the Prismastone sidequest.

You may or may not remember this Reptite, who is a big fan of gems and other shiny shit.

Are you ready for the stupid shit he's about to say?

He wants us to go find another Prismastone and throw them in the shrine so they fuse and become SSJ Prismastone.

Also, it's apparently a Chicktite. Who knew?

So, to kick this off, we've gotta go drop this stone in the shrine.

Go ahead and take a guess at how we're going to find a second one of these.

Take a minute; it's a real brain buster.

If you guessed time travel to the future to grab their stone and travel back in time, then you are correct.

Of course that's what we're doing. As this place loves to make you run back and forth for stupid reasons.

To keep up the guessing game, anyone care to guess what sort of monster we'll have to dominate to get this?

We have to run to the ass end of this forest to find it.

Where it's just tossed into the corner, like white trash people do with their toenail clippings.

...Just a few more images and I can take a smoke break...

Hopefully there are no issues with us waltzing in there and stealing the stone they've kept around for 65,000,000 years.

It asks you this every time. Like you might decide to stay any longer than you have to.

For whatever reason, I think this shot looks really cool. It's kind of nice being able to pick through frame-by-frame because you get to see all sorts of little details that flash by too quickly for your eyes to regularly see.

For those of you who played Chrono Cross, does this little cave look familiar?

I don't know what the hell the Saintstone is, why that jackass wanted to see it, or anything else about it.

I like to imagine this shot as Chrono about to drop a bowling ball on this guy's head.

So they had a legend about getting two Prismadonnastones together, despite only one in the world existing. And this dillhole sends us off to find another one and create this legendary stone, knowing the entire time there was only supposed to be one. And there is only one, but due to time fuckery, we could make this super-stone.

Who the fuck wrote this shit!?

Jesus Christ. But, hey, the reward isn't too bad.

He doesn't understand time travel or how it's supposed to work, but he's completely able to create a specialized fighting arm for a robot.

It's not Robo's best weapon, but it is the one that will deal the highest reliable damage. You'll see what I mean later.

But, that's it for this update. We'll have some more Lost Sanctum next time, so stay tuned!