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Part 76: Update Seventy Two: The Unknown Past Is Made Of The People Of The Times Who Keep The Oath

Update Seventy Two: The Unknown Past Is Made Of The People Of The Times Who Keep The Oath

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we covered three of the bonus endings. Today, we'll be covering three more; two are in video form, but the third one will be in screenshot form, so let's bounce.

In this ending, we need to defeat Lavos after we recover the Hero's Badge from Tata, but before we go back to Prehistory and have the Gate Key stolen.

For this ending, we need to kill Lavos after getting the Gate Key back, but before Frog rejoins the party. Presented in video, because there's not a ton I can do there, y'know?

For this ending, we defeated Lavos after Frog rejoined, but before kicking Magus' ass. Video link is here, if you're into that sort of thing.

Lucca is working on Robo, while Chrono snoozes in the corner and Frog looks on.

And it was us who took advantage of them to save the world.

...What the fuck, Lucca? Let the man snooze. I'm pretty sure he's not concerned with Robo being outfitted to stop (or start, if Skynet gets its claws into him) World War III.

There we go, Marle's coming out to check Lucca.

He has spent the most time in the party, by far.

Frog? What'chu doin' over there, bud?

Yes, yes, we all know the joke here.

But what could Frog have to do?

Besides slip on a pile of books.

Legendary Hero, folks. Glad he gets all the respect and dignity he deserves.

And the girls just laugh at him as he lays there; Chrono doesn't wake up, and Robo seems to not really give a shit. At least send a Cure Beam over there or something.

But the scene fades out...

...And we come back to familiar surroundings.

I know it's a dragon, but I still see the winged wolfman, which I find a lot cooler.

We pan through a hallway and into Slash's room.

From there, the scene fades out.

And we come to Flea's room.

And she prepares for battle.

We pan up the side of the Keep, our hero having vanquished two of Magus' three generals.

Ozzie still sits at the top of the Keep.

And he still shits his pants at seeing our hero approach.

Ozzie is dispatched with a single slash.

Frog moves on, with just one foe left here to defeat.

He shows up as Magus is in the middle of his ritual to summon Lavos; however, unbeknownst to Magus, Lavos has already been destroyed.

He isn't aware of Frog's presence just yet.

But it isn't long before he learns.

Yeah, I doubt that. Things are all well and good four hundred years from now.

Wait a second, if things are all well and good four hundred years from now, how did Magus' ritual turn out?

Actually, I'm not going to think about that. Someone else can.

Shit like this is part of why I love when Magus gets to jabbering. We still haven't reached the best lines he gets, though; they're in another ending.

"I only wish to use your skull as a cereal bowl."

Frog readies for battle.

And he's going to Die Hard.

Frog, you have the Dinoblade. It's waaay stronger than that sword.

Frog rushes Magus as he readies himself for battle.

Their weapons clash and we fade out...

...And come to a mysterious caped figure on top of the Keep.

Next time, we'll have some more endings. Stay tuned!