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Part 77: Update Seventy Three: The Dino Age Is Not What The Prophet Seeks While He Travels Memory Lane To Meet The Dream Team

Update Seventy Three: The Dino Age Is Not What The Prophet Seeks While He Travels Memory Lane To Meet The Dream Team

Howdy, folks, and welcome back! Last time, on Chrono Trigger, we explored another three endings. Today, we're going to explore four, including the final ending, which will close out this LP. Let's bounce.

Starting things off is the Dino Age. We get this ending by destroying Lavos after kicking Magus' ass. It's certainly something.

Next, we have What The Prophet Seeks; we snag this ending by defeating Lavos after killing off Azala and the Black Tyranno, but before we see Schala enter the Ocean Palace.

In this ending, there are two things to note; it has one of the smallest windows of opportunity to get. To get this ending, you have to defeat Lavos after seeing Schala open the sealed door, but before powering up Marle's Pendant so you can follow her. And this is the ending where Chrono utters his only lines of dialog.

And, for the last video this update, we see Lavos get his ass handed to him by a single man, which leads to our final ending, which is detailed below.

After defeating Lavos, Bowser awakens, alone, at the End of Time.

Welcome to the Development Room of Chrono Trigger. It's the last ending, obtained after defeating Lavos either with Bowser alone at the very beginning of the game (or with Marle, but that's far less manly and cool) , or by defeating Lavos at the Ocean Palace, where he has triple the stats he usually does.

I, uh, I guess he wasn't up to putting his money where his mouth is.

...Oh. Well, okay then.

We've got a ton of dialog this update, but that's okay. It's all good stuff.

I learned what it meant to be a hero from this game.

Sorry to hear about your gambling losses. Maybe not the best thing to project to the world. Especially if your bookie is playing this game.

Huh. Spekkio's door is locked.

Each of those pillars leads to another room full of devs, but let's talk to the two out here before we go into that.

I did! I even showed it off. I hope people liked that.

To the first pillar!

You'll be back with more fantastic tunes. I've seen the future of your music, and it is glorious.

Well, I've got some Wallets around and plenty of free time...

I did. I had a great time. I hope everyone did.

That finishes off this room.

There's a fair few people in here.

Some of the devs take a form that can be hard to grab.

I'm talking to Tata, by the way. I just now realized it looks like I'm talking to the roller guy.

It's cool, man. I thought it was neat.

Well, I have. I...I didn't show them off in the LP.

Just gonna get away from that before people ask me too many questions.

I've gotta work tomorrow, man. Just got a new job, I'm a cashier, so I'm stuck inside.

...Don't you even fucking tease me about having a third game, much less the 128th installment.

See you, Space Cowboy.

Whoa, hey, ain't nothin' wrong with borrowing games. Or renting. Games are expensive, man!

Look, were I represented by Dalton, I'd have my face hidden, too.

Jesus fucking Christ, there is no way I can do that. I can only do around 800 on my best day.

I need to start working on big budget titles. I could stand to drop twenty pounds.

Uh, no. I am a dude.

Alright, I'll tell you I'm a girl! Jesus, it's like when I first started using the Internet.

I'm sure we could see this as a commentary about girl gamers or something, but let's not.

Uh, no. I don't.

And with that said, we're done in this room. I wish him the best of luck in that venture. Or whatever the hell he has planned.

Thank you.

I Googled Hoshino, and judging by the first few images, I'm not sure if I want to go any further there.

You see that dog? it's another developer.

This is from the Imp and squid down there; I'm simply in position to catch that dog.

Now, at this junction, the dog is not fed. He's simply let go, to run the rest of his days, hungry and being unloved.

This is the same Nomura who did designs for FFX and other games featuring belts and zippers where they should never be.

Wait a second, you son of a--


Oh, must've stepped into a Konami office.

Final Fantasy IV is a fair bit harder than this game, even if neither is particularly difficult.

I'm glad that guy finally has a time to eat and relax. And hopefully the other guy can finish up whatever he's doing.

...Is that really the best way to--You know what, never mind. I don't want to know.

And we're fighting now. Okay.

Oh, will you now?

And to think, Bowser doesn't even have a maxed out Magic stat.

Dammit. I should have configured it so I could gain a level here.

But, let's move on to the next pillar.

Well, doesn't this look like a crappy room.

The...The engine? What kind of scary-ass Japanese doll do you have?

This shot is purely to show off what the hell that robot is doing. I have no idea.

You were the Battle Planning Director for Dirge of Cerberus. I ain't givin' you shit. But then you also worked on Super Mario RPG, which was great. I'm conflicted here.

I do think so.

The same thing is said, even if you select the other choice.

If you're curious where the hell this sprite is in in the game, it's in the ending where you get nuked by Lavos in 1999 AD; you can see it in the update I did for it. He's one of the directors in 1999 as it's getting blown to shit.

So, when running to the next pillar, we find the spot that lets us jump out here.

Which leads us to this developer.

How profound of you.

That's the CT I know and love.

We jump back in, and move on to the next pillar.

Had we done enough grinding with Ayla, she would be hitting 9,999 on all crits, but it's easier to do with Robo.

I did.

If a real person wore that outfit, I'm sure he'd get his ass kicked for it.

Don't worry, man. They're safe now. But that is the last pillar, so let's head back to the Old Man.

Spekkio's door leads to the Dream Team.

And here they are.

Shine on, you crazy bastard.

*Runs along*

Twenty years, huh? I've been listening to Frog's Theme for twenty years.

Isn't that like, $1.12? Relax, man, you can barely get a cheeseburger for that.

And that's the last member there.

To suit my style? What the hell does that mean?

...Oh, I see what you mean. That's the kind of credit roll I can appreciate.

And that's the end of it.

It's also the end of this LP. We're done with Chrono Trigger. Thanks to everyone who read this LP, from the lurkers to the regular posters. Special thanks go out to Keeshhound, SMaster777, Silver Falcon, Yapping Eevee, and the special Explosionface thank-you, for all of his techincal, behind the scenes help. Everyone was pretty great here, and I appreciate all of you reading along and your comments. Those are the kind of things that make doing an LP worthwhile.

Until next time, folks.