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Part 78: Bonus From achtungnight: Differences Between The Two Endings Based On Certain Factors

This was where I stopped playing through the Lost Sanctum the one time I tried it. I found the vines and built the ladder, I was ready to use it but then we're told it can last over 65 million years through an ice age and other assorted cataclysms. As a child, I might not have cared, but as an adult, I like my fantasy stories to maintain suspension of disbelief. The Saint Stone and ancient Nu Master had already stretched it, this snapped it. I quit. Thanks, Leave, for letting me see the rewards past this point. I had a different party for this bit and I have to say I'm amazed they bothered to give everyone varied dialogue for an optional quest that otherwise blows.

To lighten the mood and remind people how brilliant this game was originally, Leave gave me permission to post the following alternate versions of endings we've already seen. These are from Youtube, as I don't have the expertise and equipment to record full videos and screenshots of my own in the quality I prefer. I do hope to get it someday, and do my own full LPs, but till then I'll enjoy other people's and help out where I can.

As mentioned before, the key things you can do to change these endings are save Lara, save Chrono, kill Magus, and crash the Epoch (or not). There's also a way to give Chrono more than one cat, but I'm not sure how it works and it doesn't change much. Reunion and Beyond Time are the only endings with alternate versions, far as I know. Yes, there are more endings, but Leave will get to them after the bonus content. Saving Lara and getting extra cats result in the smallest change to events, saving Chrono the biggest followed closely by crashing the Epoch into Outer Lavos. All the ending videos I found have Lara saved, we've already seen both possible results of helping her or not. Getting extra cats just results in them all running for the Telepod together if you have the Epoch or not appearing otherwise.

And now for the other varations:

First, Reunion Ending with Janus present but Epoch destroyed-

Sadly Janus doesn't contribute much. A better ending is here-

Reunion Ending with intact Epoch and Janus-

This is much cooler than the version without the Epoch, IMHO. It's also the ending that shows the most teamwork from Janus, and the most badass chops from Marle. "I can't stand around doing nothing!" Yeah, now that we have the Epoch, you can't! Though I do have to wonder why Gaspar is so reluctant to give up the Time Egg. The character moments during the credits are also neat. Thanks to ArtificialRaven for posting these videos!

ArtificialRaven also posted a video of the ending with a human Frog. So if anyone's curious, here is a version with Janus not recruited, the Epoch intact, and Chrono not saved. Lucca and Marle's reactions to human Frog are quite amusing.

Reunion Ending with intact Epoch, no Janus-

I'm not sure why Leave's ending came out different than the above, with Frog still a Frog. Perhaps this is the SNES version and they changed it for the version Leave's doing? I don't know. There is also a Reunion Ending with no Epoch, no Janus on the same channel- Frog is still a frog.

I went to a different channel for the Beyond Time (defeat Lavos after saving Chrono) ending variation.

Beyond Time Ending with crashed Epoch-

Courtesy of Basileous Productions. This has the original Woolsey text too. It takes some serious cartoon liberties with the laws of balloon physics, but is a better ending for Chrono's Mom than she got before. Although our heroes don't have much incentive to continue their adventure now... The events before the party says their goodbyes is identical to what we see if the Epoch was intact.

I looked for but was not able to find a video of the Beyond Time ending with a human Frog. Even the versions I found without Janus recruited still had Frog in his nonhuman form. Maybe this was a permanent change with the DS version- can anyone confirm? Or maybe Chrono has to die for Glenn to be human.

Speaking of Chrono's Mom, I also created a transcript of her meeting those party members we haven't seen before in the LP-

Mom: Uh, are you one of Chrono's friends?


Mom: Another quiet one? Don't be shy, dear.

Lee Child: Janus said nothing.


Mom: Dear me...! Crono! How many times have I told you to keep your pets outside!!

M, madam...! I am NOT a pet! Though I am...odd of figure, I am a master swordsman!

Mom: It TALKS...! Er...I just thought, I mean... I'm terribly sorry, uh, Mr. Toad.

NO! Mine name is.... Toad will do for now...

The latter bit is strange, Chrono's only other pet in the game is the cat and there seems no problem with it being inside.

I'll post that equipment list I promised a while back when Leave is done with the bonus dungeons. I also hope to do a post on the many forms of Spekkio and one showing off some Techs Leave may not get to if I can find appropriate videos to link. All with his cooperation of course.

See y'all later!