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Part 79: AN's Bonus Update #2- The Many Faces of Spekkio

Robo & Frog - I want to see the next boss get Triple Raided into oblivion.

The Venus Bow is pretty cool even though I've gotten better damage from Marle with a Crit- usually it requires judicious use of Power Tabs and the right Accessories. Now if only Lucca could get something similar. Oh right, she has explosives.

Had this ready to post on Monday, but then I had to work. So it comes to you today. Enjoy!

AN's Bonus Update #2- The Many Faces of Spekkio.

The End of Time is the hub of Chrono Trigger. Once you unlock it, all Gates lead there, so it connects all eras. It's also home to the closest thing the original game has to a Bonus Boss- the Master of War and our heroes' magic trainer, Spekkio!

Spekkio's gimmick is that he changes form as your party grows in strength. Accordingly he is a palatte swap of another enemy in each form. It goes according to the highest level member of your current party. I found a video of each fight and have posted them below.

First Form- Rain Frog- Levels 1-9

Second Form- Kilwala- Levels 10-19

Third Form- Ogan/Goblin- Levels 20-29

Fourth Form- Gaoler/Omnicrone- Levels 30-39

Fifth Form- Masa&Mune- Levels 40-98

Thanks Randomite for these vids! You get a special reward for each of these fights the first time you win. Thanks to tsubibo on GamesDreams for listing them and John Lee for reminding me they exist.

First Form (Frog) - This form is available when your leader character is at or below level nine. Enjoy trying to see this form in a normal game, but if you do, know that beating him will give you a Magic Tab.

Second Form (Kilwala) - This form is available when your leader is anywhere from level ten to level nineteen —this is the most common form that a player will see upon their first visit to the End of Time. Winning gets you a Magic Tab and five Ethers.

Third Form (Goblin) - This form is available when your leader is anywhere from level twenty to level twenty-nine. Collect a Magic Tab and five Mid Ethers as your reward here.

Fourth Form (Red Omnicrone) - This form is available when your leader is anywhere from level thirty to level thirty-nine. Take from him a Magic Tab and five FullEthers.

Fifth Form (Masamune) - This form is available when your leader is anywhere from level forty to level ninety-eight. Your goodies here include a Magic Tab, a Power Tab, a Speed Tab, and ten Elixirs.

Fun fact- If Spekkio is found in any of the forms past his first, all previous forms will appear in the Bestiary if they weren't there already, even if they were never fought. Also, Spekkio comes from Specchio, Italian for Mirror.

Once someone attains Level 99 (double stars), a new fight opens up.

Final Form- Nu- Level 99

And thanks HCBailly for this vid! Your reward for defeating the Spekkio Nu is 10 of each Tab and 10 Megalixirs so you at least get something worthwhile for him (though the MasaMune Spekkio reward is cool too). Each fight can be a challenge or not depending on your party. The reward is your biggest Tab stash in the game if you don't want to abuse the Arena of Ages.

I usually play through all forms I encounter for the challenge, though grinding usually denies me the first.