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Part 80: AN's Bonus Update #3--He Talks About Weaponry!

I wonder where the King was in that first ending. Did he get killed in the war and Frog then helped win it, enough for the humans to think of him as badass enough to be their new ruler? Uh, Leave's right, best not to think about it too much. Clearly it's just for fun.

And speaking of fun...

Ok, folks, here's that equipment list for the game I promised. Thanks to the contributors at Chronopedia, Chrono Wiki, Gamer Corner Guides, & GameFAQs for helping me create it, and to Leave for the hosting & inspiration. Hope this helps many of you find the best stuff in the game and use it to make things more fun. Because it's long, I'm splitting it up into four seperate posts I'll make over the next few weeks between Leave's ending updates.

Weapons first. In order of ascending attack potential, by character. The number after each weapon is its attack bonus.
I also list any special effects it has, and where to most easily find it. Prices and in-game desciptions are not listed, I'll leave that to the game.

Crono's Katanas

Mop 1 Charm Nus in the Hunting Range, 65000000 BC for this joke weapon. Yes, I killed Lavos with it but not the Dream Devourer. I ain't completely nuts.

Wooden Sword 3 Chrono's starting weapon, yo.

Bronze Blade 7 Iron Blade in the SNES release. Buy it from Melchior at the fair.

Steel Saber 15 Can also be bought at the fair, Truce, or Porre. Available in Medina too at gross inflation. Free one in Cathedral 600 AD.

Silver Sword 20 Lode Sword in SNES. Buy at the fair, or find in chests at the Prison and Site 16.

Thunder Blade 25 Bolt Sword in SNES. Find in 2300 AD Sewers or Derelict Factory. Doesn't have extra Lightning Power despite the name.

Crimson Blade 30 Red Katana in SNES. Sold at Truce and Melchior's Cabin 1000 AD. Gives +2 to Chrono's Magic when equipped.

Mammoth Tusk 40 Flint Blade in SNES. Trade for it in Ioka Village, 65000000 BC.

Slasher 43 Defeat Slash in the Fiendlord's Castle. Gives +2 to Chrono's Speed.

Primeval Blade 70 Aeon Blade in SNES. Trade for it in Ioka Village after defeating Magus or Charm from Megasaurs.

Zanmato 90 Demon Blade in SNES. Buy in Medina 1000 AD or Algetty 12000 BC. Does 1.5x damage to magical beings.

Vajra Sword 110 Alloy Blade in SNES. Buy in Kajar 12000 BC or Charm Bomber Birds on the Mountain of Woe.

Empyrean Blade 125 Star Sword in SNES. Found in Ocean Palace or buyable in Last Village 12000 BC.

Yaksha Blade 135 Vedic Blade in SNES. Found on Death Peak as a sign you will bring him back to life.

Swallow 145 Leave detailed how to get this super-weapon in the LP. It gives +3 to Speed when equipped.

Onimaru 150 Namesake of a famous real life Japanese Katana. Called Kali Blade in SNES. Kali-ma!! Kali-Ma!! KALI-MA!!! [coughs] Sorry. Find this in the Northern Ruins 600 AD.

Slasher II 155 Charm this off Super Slash in Ozzie's Fort during your final battle with him. A nice weapon, but you'll probably have something better when you get it.

Icewyrm 160 Available by giving the Rusted Blade to a Lost Sanctum Reptite as detailed in the LP. Sadly it does not do extra ice damage.

Suzaku 170 Shiva Edge in SNES, named for the Hindu God of Destruction who was Kali's husband. Upgrade the Onimaru into it with your pendant as detailed in the LP. Inflicts 4x damage on a critical hit.

Rainbow 220 As detailed in the LP, you get this from Melchior, forged from the power of the Sun Stone and Rainbow Shell. The coolest thing about it is it ups your critical hit rate to 70%.

Dreamseeker 240 Defeat the Dream Devourer. Your critical hit rate is 90% with this. It almost makes that sucky supposedly non-canon bonus ending worth it.

Marle's Bows

Bronze Bowgun 3 Our Princess starts with this. It boosts her critical rate to 20% (the base is 10, I think).

Iron Bowgun 15 Significant upgrade. Buy in Truce or Porre.

Silver Bow 20 Lode Bow in SNES. Found in Site 16.

Bandit's Bow 25 Robin Bow in SNES, alluding to Robin Hood. I thought he was a longbow guy, William Tell was a crossbow guy. Whatever. Find it in the Derelict Factory or buy it in Truce after you first visit 2300 AD.

Shaman's Bow 40 Sage Bow in SNES. Trade for it in Ioka Village.

Dreamstone Bow 60 Trade for this in Ioka Village after Magus's defeat.

Comet Bow 80 Buy in Algetty 12000 BC.

Sonic Bow 100 Find in Ocean Palace or buy in Lost Village. May inflict Slow on enemies it hits.

Siren's Kiss 140 Find in Northern Ruins 600 AD. Inflicts Stop.

Stardust Bow 150 Find in Lost Sanctum. Inflicts Confuse.

Valkyrie Bow 180 Upgraded Siren's Kiss, detailed in LP section on the Hero's Grave sidequest. Higher attack, but no special effects.

Venus Bow 0 Found in the Dimensional Vortex 12000 BC. The attack power is zero because it always deals 777 damage, even on critical hits. You do not want Marle to get confused while wielding this, it hurts.

Lucca's Guns

Airgun 5 Lucca starts with this.

Pea Shooter 7 You can buy this for Lucca in Truce. Dart Gun in SNES.

Pocket Blaster 15 Buy it in Tran Dome. SNES called it the Auto Gun.

Plasma Gun 25 Find in the Derelict Factory, or buy in Truce. It can inflict Stop on robots and is probably the first status weapon in the game.

Ruby Gun 40 Trade in Ioka Village.

Dreamstone Gun 60 Trade in Ioka Village, post Magus's defeat.

Megablaster 80 Buy in all shops, 12000 BC.

Shockwave 110 Find in Ocean Palace or buy in Last Village, 12000 BC. Inflicts Confuse.

Turboshot 140 Find in the Lost Sanctum. Gives a bonus of Speed +3.

Wondershot 250 Leave detailed how to get this from the Sunstone quest. 40% critical hit chance. It randomly does 1/10, half, normal, 2x, or 3x damage depending on how long you've played the game, how frequently you use it, and other random factors. I much prefer Lucca's magic to that.

Spellslinger I think Leave missed this in the 1000 AD Dimensional Vortex. It's essentially Lucca's version of the Crisis Arm, inflicting damage based upon the last digit of her MP.

Robo's Mechanical Arms

Tin Arm 20 Robo comes equipped with this when you first find him.

Hammer Arm 25 Find this in the Derelict Factory or buy it from Melchior. Hammer Time!

Mirage Hand 30 Find in Denadoro Mountains as detailed in the LP.

Stone Arm 40 Somehow Ioka Villagers in 65000000 BC designed this for Robo and have it available for Trade.

Death Claw 50 Doomfinger in SNES. Found in Magus's Castle.

Magma Hand 70 Trade for this in Ioka Village, post Magus's defeat.

Megaton Arm 90 Buy in Algetty, 12000 BC.

Heavy Hand 105 Big Hand in SNES. Buy in Kajar, 12000 BC or Charm Gargoyles on the Mountain of Woe.

Kaiser Arm 120 Find in Ocean Palace or buy in Last Village, 12000 BC.

Gigaton Arm 135 Found on Death Peak.

Teraton Arm 150 Obtained from Geno Dome, 2300 AD, after defeating Mother Brain.

Dragon Arm 170 Award from Lost Sanctum, detailed in the LP.

Crisis Arm 1 Also obtained from Geno Dome after defeating Mother Brain. It inflicts damage based upon the last digit of Robo's HP. Usually not worth it. The 5% critical hit rate is slightly cool.

Apocalypse Arm 0 Find this in the 2300 AD Dimensional Vortex. It deals 9,999 damage on a critical hit, so you want to boost Robo's critical rate with it equipped. I never got that gimmick when I first played and thought it sucked. I love being wrong.

Frog's Swords

Bronze Sword 6 Frog's starting standard issue blade.

Iron Sword 10 Find this in the Cathedral, 600 AD.

Masamune 75 Major upgrade. Getting this weapon is a plot point in Chrono Trigger.

Radiant Blade 90 Flash Blade in SNES. Buy in Algetty, 12000 BC.

Smiter's Blade 105 Buy in Kajar, 12000 BC. Does 1.5x damage to magical beings. Smite me, O Mighty Smiter!

Rune Blade 120 Find in Ocean Palace or buy in Last Village, 12000 BC. Gives Frog a +4 Magic bonus.

Demonslayer 120 Found in the Ocean Palace, it does 2x damage to magical beings and is a good weapon to use if you want to do the Frog-Magus duel.

Brave Sword 135 Found on Death Peak. The game claims it does 2x damage to magical beings but it doesn't. Still, it's Frog's best retention sword in the original game.

Dinoblade 160 Find in Lost Sanctum. Gives Frog Strength +5 and is his best retention weapon in the DS game.

Masamune (Upgraded) 200 Frog's best weapon, awarded for completing Cyrus's sidequest. Sadly, you can't retain it in New Game Plus.

Ayla's Fists

Fist (Level 1) Ayla has no equippable weapons, instead she just punches the heck out of enemies. Her attack power grows as she levels up. 20% critical hit chance to start.

Fist (Level 24) DS only upgrade, 25% crit chance.

Fist (Level 48) DS only upgrade, 30% crit chance.

Iron Fist Ayla's Fists become this in both the SNES and DS games at level 72. 35% crit chance, randomly inflicts Confuse. I gather most people hit by this are confused how Ayla can hit so hard.

Bronze Fist At Level 96, Ayla is able to hit like Rhonda Rousey, doing 9,999 damage on critical hits. Boost this with Dragon Tear and you can whup anything in the game.

Magus's Scythes

Moonfall Scythe 120 Dark Scythe in SNES. Magus starts with this.

Headman's Scythe 135 Hurricane in SNES. Buy in Last Village.

Hadean Sickle 150 Found on Death Peak.

Judgment Scythe 155 Reward for Lost Sanctum. Inflicts Stop.

Doom Scythe 160 Found in Ozzie's Fort. Its damage boosts when allies get KO'd- you do double damage when one ally falls and triple if you're alone.

Dreamreaper 180 Found in 1000 AD Dimensional Vortex. The 4x critical hit damage makes this Magus's most awesome weapon.

See y'all next post!