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Part 82: AN's Bonus Update #5--He Talks About Items and Accessories!

2 votes is enough, I'm posting early. Plus, I've been reading a great Lone Wolf thread which updated more than once daily. Check it out if you enjoy a fun look into some classic gamebooks and the personalities of goons.

Accessories! I list name, special effects, and where it's most easily found.

Headband (Bandana) Gives infinite ammo... wait, wrong Japanese story. The Number 1 of these makes you an invincible warrior, the Number Two makes everyone want to kill you. Wait, wrong story again. Actually it just grants Speed +1. Chrono starts with one.

Ribbon Grants complete status immunity... ok, enough wrong story jokes. Grants Accuracy +2. Marle starts with one and it is best used by her or Lucca.

Power Glove Grants Strength +2. Found in Truce Canyon, 600 AD.

Guardian Bangle (Defender) Grants Stamina +2. Robo starts with this, also found in Cathedral.

Magic Scarf Grants Magic +2. Found in Heckran Cave, Magus's Castle, and the Cursed Woods.

Schala's Amulet (Amulet) Grants complete Status Immunity. Recruit or kill Magus and it's yours.

Speed Ring (Dash Ring) Gives Speed +3. Found in Ozzie's Fort or Heckran Cave Sealed Chest.

Acuity Ring (Hit Ring) Gives Accuracy +10. Charm the Giga Mutant or look in Arris Dome behind a Sealed Door.

Power Ring Strength +6. Use the Gate that leads directly to Guardia Forest and open the Sealed Chest.

Magic Ring Magic +6. Found on Death Peak, Magic Cave Sealed Chest, or Charm Blobs.

Barrier Ring (Wall Ring) Magic Defense +10. Found on Death Peak, Magic Cave Sealed Chest, or Charm Giga Mutant Top Half.

Silver Earring Max HP +25%. Found in Denadoro Mountains.

Golden Earring Max HP +50%. We got a thing called Radar Love, we got a wave in the air... Sorry. Charm from Synchrites or find in Arris Dome behind Sealed Door.

Silver Stud Halves MP costs. Find in Denadoro Mountains.

Golden Stud (Gold Stud) Cuts MP costs by 75%. Very useful for magicians. Find behind Trann Dome Sealed Door. You can also charm them from Flyclops in the Black Omen.

Sight Scope Reveals enemy HP. Lucca wears this by default and likely invented it.

Alluring Top (Charm Top) Charm rate increased, useable by Ayla only. Behind sealed door in Bangor Dome.

Rage Band Counter rate: 50%. Found in Sewers 2300 AD.

Wrath Band (Frenzy Band) Counter rate: 80%. Found in Giant's Claw.

Third Eye Doubles Evasion. Charm Nizbel or defeat the Nu in Hunting Range (first time only).

Workman's Wallet (Wallet) Turns EXP into G. Useful in Low-Level Challenges. Behind Bangor Dome Sealed Door.

Green Dream Gives wearer one Auto-Raise per battle. Reward for Robo's Forest Restoration side quest.

Berserker Ring (Berserker) Gives Auto-Berserk and Auto-Protect. Find in Site 16 or Mystic Mountains.

Power Scarf Strength +4. Ayla starts with this.

Speed Belt Speed +2. Found in Cathedral or Magus's Castle.

Black Gemstone (Black Rock) Enables use of Eternal Darkness Triple Tech by Magus, Lucca and Marle. Only useable by one of those 3. Found in Kajar via book opening as detailed in LP.

Blue Gemstone (Blue Rock) Enables use of Omega Flare Triple Tech by Lucca, Robo, and Magus. Found in Giant's Claw. We need to see these extra Techniques!

Silver Gemstone (Silver Rock) Enables use of Spin Strike Triple Tech by Ayla, Frog, and Robo. Talk to the Nu in Laruba Ruins after you rescue Melchior from Mount Woe.

White Gemstone (White Rock) Enables use of Poyozo Dance Triple Tech by Team Girl Power. Kill the Terra Mutant.

Golden Gemstone (Gold Rock) Enables use of Master Mune Triple Tech by Frog, Marle, and Robo. Only Frog can wear it, and you need the upgraded Masamune along with Frog & Marle's ultimate Techs. Visit the Denadoro Mountains with Frog in the lead once you have all this and he will catch the rock a Free Lancer throws at you. It may take multiple tries (it didn't for me, but did for some). That's it.

Hero's Badge (Hero Medal) Masamune critical % increased, Frog only. Getting this is a Plot Point.

Muscle Ring Stamina +6. Found in the Sunken Desert.

Flea Bustier (Flea Vest) Magic Defense +12. Charm off Diva Flea in your final battle with hir, Ozzie's Fort.

Magic Crest (Magic Seal) Magic +5, Magic Defense +5. Found in Black Omen.

Power Crest (Power Seal) Strength +10, Stamina +10. Found in Black Omen.

Sunglasses (Sun Shades) Damage boost. Reward of Sun Stone sidequest.

Prism Spectacles (Prism Specs) Major damage boost. Forged by Melchior from Sun Stone and Rainbow Shell.

Valor Crest Critical rate increased, Counter rate: 50%. Ayla only, defeat the Archaeofangs in Lost Sanctum.

Champion's Badge Masamune critical % increased, Halves MP costs. Frog only, defeat the Lost Sanctum Master-at-Arms.

Dragon's Tear Critical rate increased. Lost Sanctum Reward.

Nu Arcana May instantly reduce opponent's HP to 1. Arena of Ages Prize.

Uranian Mirror Counters non-lightning attacks 25% of the time, Chrono only. Arena of Ages Prize.

Pontic Mirror Counters non-water attacks 25% of the time, Marle and Frog only. Arena of Ages Prize.

Promethean Mirror Counters non-fire attacks 25% of the time, Lucca only. Arena of Ages Prize.

Hadean Mirror Counters non-shadow attacks 25% of the time, Magus only. Arena of Ages Prize.

Aresian Mirror Counters non-physical attacks 25% of the time, Robo and Ayla only. Arena of Ages Prize.


Items I'm not doing Key Items, the LP covered those. Again I list names and effects, but not where to find them except for a few rare ones. The LP covers things pretty well already. Enjoy!

Potion (Tonic) Restores 50 HP.

Mid-Potion (Mid Tonic) Restores 200 HP.

Hi-Potion (Full Tonic) Restores 500 HP.

Ether Restores 10 MP.

Mid-Ether (Mid Ether) Restores 30 MP.

Hi-Ether (Full Ether) Restores 60 MP.

Elixir Fully restores HP and MP.

Turbo Ether (Hyper Ether) Fully restores MP.

Megalixir (Megaelixir) Fully restores party's HP and MP. Charm Hydracondas in the Black Omen, defeat Nu Spekkio, open various chests.

Panacea (Heal) Removes status ailments.

Athenian Water (Revive) Revives KO'd ally.

Shelter Fully restores HP, MP at save point.

Ambrosia (Power Meal) Restores HP or MP, or both, randomly. You can charm these off Dalton, Gato, or Cybots.

Lapis Restores 200 HP to entire party.

Barrier Sphere (Barrier) Casts Barrier.

Shield Sphere (Shield) Casts Protect.

Strength Capsule (Power Tab) Permanently raises Strength by 1.

Magic Capsule (Magic Tab) Permanently raises Magic by 1.

Speed Capsule (Speed Tab) Permanently raises Speed by 1.

The following items can be used in the Arena of the Ages to boost your monster:

Slops Restores some HP to monster.

Flameclaw Causes monster to use Fire tech.

Seafang Causes monster to use Water tech.

Duskeye Causes monster to use Shadow tech.

Luxwing Causes monster to use Light tech.

Hawk Talon Temporarily raises Strength by 5.

Shield Cloak Damage reduction.

Feral Wrath 4x damage for critical hits.

Smoked Meat Restores 250 HP.

Dried Mushroom Removes status ailments.

Sweet Banana Restores 20 MP. Banana!!

Millenia Fruit Restores 150 HP.

Songbird Egg Restores 40 MP.

Glad this was appreciated. Looking forward to what remains of the LP.