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Part 24: The Halloween Event - WeX Majors

Because Heroes was for the longest time, the only popular MMO set in Modern Times, it allowed the game to do a lot of things that no other MMO could actually do, thanks to the timeframe in which they were set. DockWorker Unions striking due to unfair working conditions caused by working on an island ruled by an evil dictator. Releasing an Anime Mech costume set, only to follow that up with Chain Mail and Barbarian costume pieces. This open-ness when it comes to genres allows you to create a wide berth of heroes mixing and matching from any genre possible.

This is also reflected in the various events that crop up from time to time, from an Alien Invasion to Zombie Outbreaks to Winter Ski Slopes to distributing Valentine Cards from The Loch Ness Monster to a giant Octopus (yes really.)
The main focus of this update, is my personal favorite game event, as it manages to summarize the game down into one event. Cool Costumes, battles against enemies WAY too strong, and desperately hoping for a particular salvage to drop so you can go sell it at a super inflated price.
Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing:

The City Of Heroes Trick or Treat Event! Staring: Chest Slider!

Happy Halloween everyone! Sorry about the delay everyone, some massive Megastorm came rushing toward Paragon City. Some of us handled the wind better than others.

But most of us had to hunker down and just wait for everything to die down. Luckily I used the time to work on my hot little outfit I get to show off while I explain this little event that The City organized.

See, most of time the citizens and us heroes don't really interact much. They tend to flee in terror any time we get in a fight and there's a such a high possibility some random dude in a bad LARP costume will abduct you and attempt to steal your soul as soon as you step outside your door, that most just stay inside with their doors locked.

But for about two weeks every October, the citizens show their respect for us saving them countless times, and host a city wide game of Trick or Treat! Every door can be knocked on where you can either be presented with a Trick

Or, and this may come as a surprise, A Treat!

Now the Treat can be various things: Special Halloween Salvage, enhancements, a special Holo-Emitter of various costumes, and even A Rock! "But Chest Slider, you darling woman you" I hear you ask. "If you get all these nifty things as a Treat, what's the Trick?"

Well, usually Pain. See, Paragon is well known to exist on about eighteen different Ley Lines, so when All Hallows Eve gets closer, the various Evil Spirits find each door to become some sort of...I don't know...Monster Closet or something. So it's always best to bring along a few friends.

The good thing about the Trick Or Treating is that it brings out the somewhat sillier heroes, and allows us Serious Heroes to find our Silly Side and spend WAY too much time in iCON getting our costumes JUUUUST right. There's just something incredibly fun about fighting Ghost and Vampires with an X-Com soldier, Raiden, and A Living Golem Made Out Of Rock Candy.
Oh and some Big Iron Unit.

Unfortunately, people tend to abuse these Monster Closets, and places like these Motels end up getting swarmed with dozens of heroes. Since every hero gets a knock, one door could produce a flood of monsters. Of course, if you were just some new hero starting out like me, this used to be a GREAT way to get some cheap levels.

So outside of looking FABULOUS, whats the whole point of this Halloween Insanity? Well what else could you possibly expect to show up on Halloween?

That's right, Zombies! Eventually, the Ley Lines overflow with Negative Energies and a random Zombie Outbreak occurs somewhere in the city. When the Sky turns red, you better get your ass into the nearest Hero Gathering Space, cause zombies will start spawning next to anyone even remotely capable of being a Super-Hero, and these bastards are NOT something a girl like me should handle on her own.

Ah, there we go, much better! Paragon has known ever since the first Rikti Invasion, that Heroes are an unstoppable force when pooled together, and we have no problem rushing from halfway across the city just to help out, especially if an outbreak or an invasion happens to take place in Atlas or somewhere where low level heroes gather. Because of this unflinching ability to help out anyone who may need it, I think this City Of Heroes will live forever!