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Part 23: Architect: Two Chicks At Once - Gynovore

Two Chicks At Once

Everyone favorite felonious feline, Operative Fuzzypaws, is back for one last criminal caper. Lord Recluse has noticed that over the past few weeks, Longbow has greatly increased their activities. Longbow is a branch of Freedom Corps dedicated to bringing down Arachnos, so if they're up to something, Lord Recluse needs to find out, fast.

Lord Recluse sends Operative Fuzzypaws on a recon mission.

Fuzzy arrives, and notes that this particular division of Longbow is a bit... different.

They have better equipment, and they're all hot chicks. Hmmm, what devious maneuver is this?

Fuzzypaws doesn't know the meaning of the word 'recon'. Leaving a trail of bodies behind her, she finally comes upon a box...

A-HA! A cheesecake calendar! I suspected it all along!

Recluse is intrigued, and begins plotting a countermeasure...

Of course... Arachnos will release their _own_ calendar to compete with Longbow! How obvious!

First, Operative Fuzzypaws raids a Crey lab, obtaining several devices for enhancing female beauty.

Next, we need some hot villain chicks to pose for us. Ice Mistral is a good start, but how can we get her to take it off?

It turns out the Ice Mistral has run up a large tab from spending all her time in the Golden Giza. Fuzzypaws heads down there to have a 'talk' with Johnny Sonata. After some 'convincing', Mr. Sonata 'hands over' Ice Mistral's marker.

Next on our agenda is Silver Mantis. How are we going to get her to lend her 'assets' to our work?

Turns out she likes a little pinch and squeal. And by a little, we mean a lot. Black Scorpion sends her an anonymous note that a punk hero has called her out for a brawl.

She's waiting for us in the Pocket D holo-arena... and Ice Mistral is there to give us a hand!

Wow, she liked that a little too much! But, at least she's on our side now.

At last, our calendars are poised to take over Paragon...

Oh no! Longbow has confiscated our calendars! Kitty away!

Ice Mistral and Silver Mantis both meet me there.

We pummel through huge swarms of Well Equipped Longbow and recover the calendar shipment.

The head of Longbow, Ms. Liberty, arrives to stop us...

...with predictable results.

The Babes of Arachnos calendar is a success, thwarting the not-so-vile plans of the forces of good.

This is the first of a trilogy, where our brave villain struggles mightly to bring Lord Recluse's vile plans to bear upon Paragon City. But, since we're out of time, this is where Operative Fuzzypaws walks off into the sunset, tail held high.