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Part 36: Magisterium (video) - PUPPY PUZZLE

Let's Play Magisterium!

This is the final Incarnate Trial released before the game's closure, I decided to record a run to show people who may not have been VIP or met the prerequisites to do it. It's not the full trial, I skipped the beginning "Kill 250 IDF" part because it's pretty boring, so it starts on Phase 2. I also cut it off before we actually kill Tyrant because I was trying to save hard drive space and wasn't sure if we would actually do it because it was looking pretty grim.

But this is basically it. I die on purpose once to show the "hospital" area, but the rest are just me being rusty from not having done this in months/never on this character before.

Here's a breakdown of what the fuck is actually happening:

Phase 1 - Kill 250 level 54 IDF (I skipped this part)

Phase 2 - Kill Chimera, Nega-Pendragon, and Shadowhunter (each is level 54+3). Killing all 3 within 5 seconds will give the badge "Triple Threat"

-Chimera will mark targets to rain arrows on, and will teleport around, killing him drops a bunch of mines everywhere for the rest of the phase.

-Nega-Pendragon has a rage meter that builds as he attacks, when it fills up he calls upon the power of the Fae and a shield meter will show up and he gains a bunch of absorb HP, you have to then take it down quickly to start damaging him again. Killing him will leave behind his sword, Excalibur, which will drop to the ground and create aoe damage patches for the rest of the phase.

-Shadowhunter becomes stronger the longer you're not fighting him, at 50% HP he turns into a giant wolf thing that reduces heals on players in an aoe around him. Killing him will let the remaining enemies use Banish for the rest of the phase, you will gain a warning every time you're hit by them, and on the 3rd one you are banished to your own version of the instance with nothing in it.

Phase 3 - Kill Black Swan (level 54+3). Getting to this phase within 8 minutes of starting the trial will give the badge "Ready to Rumble". Also, if you don't allow Black Swan to open all 6 Shadow Rifts at once, you get the badge "Shadow Master".

-Black Swan will teleport players into pbaoe range and use the Quills of Jocas to siphon the incarnate power of anyone she hits, this will lock out those abilities and remove level shifts for the duration of the effect. During the fight she will open up Shadow Rifts, which will spawn minions. You have to kill the rifts to close them, and any minions that reach her will heal her.

Phase 4 - Kill Tyrant (level 54+5). Killing Tyrant without using any lights gives the badge "The Really Hard Way", using up to 12 lights will give "The Hard Way", any more than 12 and you get nothing.

You gain the Quills of Jocas as a temp power from defeating Black Swan. In this phase, you have to use the Quills on the 6 respawning Lights of the Well around the area. Each Light of the Well you use the Quills on will add a +1 level shift to your league (50+3 being the minimum to do the trial).

When you see "The air crackles around Tyrant" that means he is about to summon pillars of lightning, and you should spread out. Each pillar will tick away 10% of your hp per hit. This attack happens about every 30 seconds.

During the fight, level 54 Olympian Guards will spawn in the area, which you have to kill as well. If you don't, Tyrant will use them to buff his damage and chance to hit for each one in range of him. Olympian Guards stop spawning when Tyrant is at 40% HP.

When Tyrant reaches 50% HP the Favor of the Well meter shows up, for each % below 50 that he goes, he gains Favor of the Well, which increases his regeneration. Regenerating health loses him Favor, and when he hits 10% HP you win basically.

At 10% HP he becomes 54-8, and you just wail on him for 2 seconds to finish the trial. If you got all of the above badges (minus The Really Hard Way) you get the Master of Magisterium badge.