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Part 1: Not in Costa Rica Any More

Part 1: Not in Costa Rica Any More

Kaz…Kaz, where the hell are we? I remember there was a huge storm…Mother Base got wrecked…

That's what it looks like, Snake. What's left of the base, and our army, got washed up on shore…somewhere…

How's it look?

Pretty bad. All our guns are broken and we don't have any ammo, but our boys and girls have improvised some primitive clubs, and we still have our knives. One of them…Alligator, I think… also managed to fashion some primitive bows. One upside, though: our radios are working just fine and we've got lots of batteries for them, so we can keep in contact over distances.

Great. Well, let's send everyone out on recon, and let's see if we can turn this pile of scrap into a new base.

Alligator found us another pile of salvage! This whole land seems like it's covered in miscellaneous junk.

How big was that storm?

We've got lots of fighters but none of our usual recon soldiers. I'll have to train up some dedicated scouts in case we need our archers and club guys to guard us. After that, I guess we can work on making this place prettier so we can start really organizing.

Snake, we found more lost guys in that wreck! And Chico, too!

Snake! I thought we were all alone here. Our whole base got sucked up into the sky. It was like we were in The Wizard of Oz!

Yeah, I know. I hope we don't find any flying monkeys out there…

But that would be totally cool if we did, wouldn't it?

Look, let's worry about finding mythical monsters after we get ourselves squared away.

I'm thinking what we need to focus on is basic food gathering and storage. Also some kind of monument to the dead guys…we lost a lot of people to that storm, and the closure would be good for morale.

We found some sort of treasure trove in another pile of junk. Weird, I don't recognize this currency.

Money's no good unless we can trade it with someone. Keep looking around, guys!

Marmot Group found a camp full of really scary-looking savages. We…might be able to trade with them, but the huge piles of skulls and spears they've got around their camp suggest otherwise.

Snake! Someone else found one of our communicators! We've got a transmission coming in on Cecile's channel.

Finally, some good news! Cecile, what's your status?


So, these artifacts can send voices through the air faster than a bird flies, I see. Interesting. Know this, strangers! You are in the lands of Montezuma, lord of the Aztecs, the most fearsome warriors in the world!


Do not interfere in our affairs, and the price of blood shall be slight. I suggest drawing straws now to determine who among you will be sent to us for the next sacrifice. If not, we shall take what the gods demand.


…what the hell? WHERE ARE WE?!

To Be Continued