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Civilization V: Peace Walker

by Speedball

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Original Thread: Let's Play Civilization V: Peace Walker. Wait, what?



What is this?

This is a mod for Civilization V: Brave New World, by Vice Virtuoso. It turns Militaires Sans Frontiers, Big Boss's mercenary company, into a new civ for the game. Functionally, it's like Venice, in that you have only one city, but instead of double trade routes, you gain money by hiring out your soldiers as mercenaries to poor little city-states who need your muscle.

There's more to it than that, but I'll explain as we go.

It is totally awesome.

So, let's begin, shall we?


1. Not in Costa Rica Any More
2. An Army Without Funders
3. Time To Get the Party Started
4. Time To Tech Up!
5. What Lies Beneath the Base?
6. Montezuma Boss Fight
7. Revenge!
9. Into Assur
10. Ashurbanipal Boss Fight
11. Something... New
12. Attila the Hun Boss Fight
13. Genghis, old buddy!
14. Death!
15. Alexander Boss Fight
16. Time for Peace... right?
17. Storm of Spears.
18. Old Familiar Faces
19. Shaka Boss Fight.
20. The World's Watchdog
21. Fleet of the Damned
22. Genghis Boss Fight
23. The City of Lights!
24. Napoleon Boss Fight?
25. Into Neo-Mongolia
26. Just Before The End
27. Napoleon Boss Fight for Reals?

Interlude: Madoka Magica Mod!

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3


28. Here we go again!
29. An unexpected face
30. Progress!
31. The Quest for Thorazine
32. Don't be a hero!
33. Caesar Boss Fight!
34. War Runner
35. Pyramids of Power!
36. Nobunaga Boss Fight
37. The Seeds of Death!
38. He cannot tell the truth!
39. The Face of Evil!
40. Washington Boss Fight
41. Maria's True Face
42. Maria Boss Fight
43. Destroy Everything!
44. So, you like Castlevania!
45. Vlad Boss Fight
46. Walking the Road to Peace
48. Who stole our nation!?
Part X: Endless Snake
49. A Phantom is Coming
50. Nebuchadnezzar Boss Fight
51. We talk (A LOT) about the truth!
52. Hello again, old friend. (Final Fight!)

Interlude 2: Other MGS Civs


The Conclusion!

53. The End is never The End



Montezuma vs. Snake:

John Livor:

Captain Fargle:

Galaga Galaxian:


Bro Enlai:

Alkydere posted:

A single ship flounders into port, as much by the tide as against it despite the torn and burned sails not being manned. The flanks of the ships are littered with gaping holes, the center mast is half broken and leans against the spars of the foremast, the decks and hull below the scuppers are stained with blood. Despite the visibly missing rudder and a seeming lack of a single living soul aboard the ship it gently floats up to a dock as if driven by an unearthly force. A loud whinny shatters the hushed silence of the docks and a noble charger leaps from the deck to the wharf below, snorting and almost fighting at its reigns, obviously only held back by the larger-than-life rider atop of it.

Where is the man who calls himself Snake? I will not be kept from my appointment.

Vicevirtuoso posted:

PACHACUTI! Show yourself!

A single light illuminates the dark hallway. The shaded form of the Incan monarch stands with both hands behind his back.

Snake. You are one of the most peculiar Pachacuti I have ever met. But that is a great thing. I have a most peculiar way of settling our differences which I have always wanted to try. That arrogant Babylonian bastard refused to indulge me in this means of combat...but perhaps you will.

What the hell are you going on about?!

Suddenly, the single light is joined by a multitude of colored, strobing lights, all from a structure placed in the center of the room. A large, bright screen flashes vibrant colors while its speakers blare out fast-paced music. In front of those speakers and that screen lied a platform on which Pachacuti stood, with two distinct halves. Each half contained four panels, each with an arrow pointing in a different direction.

Snake...let's dance.

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