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Part 4: Time To Tech Up!

4. Time to Tech Up!

Right. Well, our life sucks, we're surrounded by some of history's greatest killing machines, apparently, and I've got a goddamn squirrel stealing my food from my room.

It might be worse than that, Snake. The radio…

I know. If Montezuma has Cecile's radio, that means he's kidnapped her for his sacrifice…we'll need to assault his position as soon as we possibly can if we don't want to lose her.


No can do, buddy. Too busy preparing to kill Montezuma. He's closer, anyway.


Snake, why are there piles of…offerings…around your room?

Hero worship, I guess. The chaplain's getting a little weird and the guys are starting to treat me with…awe.

Well, you are the "legendary soldier" after all.

(God-King is a nice all-rounder Pantheon that got introduced with the fall 2013 balance patch. It's good for us because there's not enough specific resources around us to take advantage of, and it'll dovetail nicely with the fact that Mother Base's palace bonuses are already increasing.)

Snake! The tablet-man irritates me and taunts me with obscure hints about his hidden knowledge. I wish to kill him and give his blood to the sun. If you assist me…you and yours will be spared this season.

Hph. Call me later. I've got a more…permanent solution in mind.

I've upgraded Mother Base again…but I've noticed some of the boys are looking pretty hungry. We should focus on getting our proper kitchen rebuilt next. And a mess hall!

Oh, good. That'll be way better than having our meals delivered by Doberman. I swear that guy's sneaking bites from everyone else's meals…

In fact, I think I need to issue a few proclamations about proper food gathering and storage.

Snake, he's built more bases out of scrap!

Dammit. That just makes more work for us. I'm ordering the construction of new weapon types. Some kind of spears should be good for a start.

Okay, the mess hall is up and running! Next I think we can upgrade our training facility to make it more efficient. Less "jump through tires" and more "dodge rotating whacky-poles." We'll be able to put out troops faster.

Good. I'm trying to get some fisherman set up so they can get us some of those delicious-looking…whatever those are out there.

Ooh, there's some clams with pearls over there too! We could trade them or make necklaces out of them!

Cassowary, you're only allowed to wear jewelry off-duty!

Hey, there's some tied-up worker dudes left in this barbarian camp! I bet they got stolen from that independent city. I'm gonna free 'em and be a hero!

Ooh, nice work Macaw!

Snake-warrior, I laugh at your impotence. You claim to be a protector, an army for those who have none, but where is your army when it comes to Samarkand? Heh. These captives will serve us well.

You bastard!

Hey, there's another settlement over here! A big one! It looks…Grecian?

Hello! What a lovely day it is, don't you think?


Just so you know…I'm probably going to kill you if our armies meet. Everything I've seen, I've conquered, and I've seen a lot. Unless, of course, you surrender when that day comes. It'd be easier on both of us.

…Kid, go to hell.

HAH! Another old man who thinks he knows everything. They talk, and talk, and talk…I act. I've accomplished more in my little lifetime than most could do if they had ten lifetimes. See you on the battlefield, old man. If you can even stagger your way there.

*incoherent rumbling*

Snake, that was Alexander the Great! The--

I know who that was! I do not have TIME for this crap! How long until we can start making catapults?!

Uh…three days?

Good. Make sure we're ready.

To Be Continued!