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Part 44: Maria's True Face

Part 41: Maria's True Face

So, we weren't the future-most of everyone here…

I wonder how far ahead of us history stretches… plus, being called a bloodthirsty maniac and admired for it by a guy from the future is… it's really making me rethink things. *Sigh.* So, what's our status?

Neo-america is toast and we're turning their swords into plowshares. The Romans were pretty happy to regain some territory, though they're still pretty sore at us. Right now, I think we need to expand our naval forces. If we want anything to do with the countries on the other side of the world, we'll need to be ready for them.

Yeah. At the least, it's good to keep the damn pirates off our shipping lines. They've been giving us some trouble.

Hmph. So, it seems you are indeed a snake after all! Washington was an honorable man, you are a fiend for destroying him!

Hey! He was secretly my evil clone from the future!

Hah! I've heard that one before! Good day, sir!


"Washington" had a lot of friends, this won't look good to the world at large.

We'll be hunted…

Militaires Sans Frontiers, the earth-moving king is a danger to my people. I see now you are not afraid to soak your hands in blood. Join me in wiping him out! If you will not be paid in money, perhaps this will satisfy your craving for violence.

The Boss isn't in right now, your eminence, and frankly our navy is under-equipped and out of range of Inca land. We're not in a good position to help you out with the fight. Fortunately, MSF also specializes in logistics and planning. Even if we don't send physical troops we can cut a deal to support you during your war!

Hmph. I see. I suppose it's better than nothing.

(Logicstics? Strategies?!)

(We'll send him some napkins and chalkboards with football strategies written on 'em.)

Cusco and its mineral wealth belongs to ME!

GAAAH! DAMN YOU!!!!!! I'll bury you allll!

Damn. Guess we really don't need to worry about the Incas after all.

Finally, efficient guns. The old ones were mere noise-makers compared to these beauties! Our fighting men and warrior women will be quite deadly now!

Nobunaga, things are only going to get weirder from here. The more we rebuild the future, the further and further from your era we'll get and the stranger the world will appear. Are you sure you still want to hang with us?

Never more sure in my entire life. Once, I laughed at the notion of so many things you consider commonplace. No more.

We need to make our navy stronger and faster--do I have to put it in writing? Exploring this world, expanding our naval trade, whatever it takes--sea power is the real power.

…I have come back from a world beyond death to serve you…

Heya, Frank! I was hoping you'd show up! EVA's still taking it easy back at the base after being captured by Solidus, I need to send you out on a special mission. But no more beheadings! At least, not THIS time.

What are you looking at? No, you can't borrow my swords! All three of these magic high-frequency swords are MINE!

Snake, my code name may be Iguana, but underneath this mask I'm really Norihiko Hibino!

And I'm Cynthia Harrel! And we'd like to sing a little song to you, about you! We call it "Snake Eater!"

I'm liking the sound of this…

Turkish Lancers? Sure, I guess you can join…we're kind of phasing out lances, though…

What…what the hell are you!?! This is…this is…a nightmare!!!

A nightmare…yes. Perhaps it is.

How the hell are the Babylonians kicking so much ass? They're one of the world's oldest civilizations, they shouldn't be so cutting-edge.

Something's up.

We're kind of late to the draw but we blew away all of the pirates attacking our international trade routes! The seas are free again!

Wonderful! Snake! You and your men…and women, of course… you all need to dine with me since you're in the area. I insist!

Sure thing! Woof, there's a lot of snow in the air around here…weird.

Atchooo! That's not snow, that's pollen. Gah, my allergies…

Uhh…your highness…important question. Are you Maria the First, or Maria the Educator?

Excuse me? Maria the First, of course.


(Snake, can you hear me?)

(What is it?! It's not polite to talk on the earphone radio when you're about to sit down for dinner.)

(How many people are with you at the table? How many MSF troops?)

(Bout a dozen of my best, Maria's honor guard, the guys around the castle…)

(Snake, that's not Maria. I don't know who she is, but it's another impostor. Maria wouldn't call herself the first if she was the first, and secondly, Maria I was seriously, dangerously mentally ill. Whoever this is, it's not her!)

Oh, no…

Something the matter, Big Boss?


I'm sending in the fleets to extract you! Get out of there!

Is there a problem? Come…let's talk… right now…

Snake, she's backstabbing us! Get out of there!

Next time: Maria Boss Fight