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Part 9: Into Assur

9: Into Assur

Okay, here's what we know from Amanda's map--it's a bit crude, but accurate.

Genghis is the brown, Napoleon is the blue. That city northeast used to be an independent, but Genghis conquered it when he realized he couldn't take Napoleon directly. They've fought each other to a standstill until now, but Napoleon understands technology better than Genghis so he's been rebuilding much faster and more efficiently--though his troops aren't quite as savage either. It could go either way at the moment.

This island's not much better. We just fought off the Aztecs, there's a bunch of really angry Zulus to the southeast, there used to be a Mesopotamian ur-badass in the center, but he got taken out by Attila the Hun, and meanwhile Alexander the Great's doing…something. Every single one of these assholes has made it clear that this world's not big enough for all of them--they all want to kill us, so we're probably going to have to take 'em all down in order to survive. Peaceful coexistence is not an option, sadly.

We still have no idea how we all got here or why. Before he died, Ashurbanipal said he knew the secret--so we're going to Assur.

We are, but you're not, Kaz. I'm giving you a special mission.

I'm going to be fighting with the troops on the front line--but I want you to initiate a sneaking mission and scope out Attila's home turf. Steal what you can, fill us in on intel, whatever you can do.

Very shortly our trebuchets will be finished, and with those and our new full-armor fighters we should be able to clean Attila's clock and take back Assur. Amanda, in Kaz's absence, I want you to handle directing putting together all the missing bits of Mother Base--you've got leadership experience too, after all.

Alright! These bad boys are twice as nasty as the catapults! We should pulverize Assur's walls in no time!

Don't get cocky. We need to double our troop numbers to ensure a win here.

Boss, I just got here, but his troops--they're not in the city! Attila's trying to invade someone!

Oh, shit… Isn't there ANYONE who can help us with this? I need spears, fast!

Good news!


You are not the only mercenary army around, Big Boss! For this, a special contract. Our halberds are yours, as many as you can afford!

You're good at fighting armored knights?

We eat them for breakfast! Very fast! We can move out right now! Oh, and we are very, very efficient at looting enemy cities for gold.

You're hired!

Glad to be part of MSF!

I honestly never foresaw the day when I'd be hiring Middle-ages German mercenaries…but then again, I never thought I'd be fighting Attila the Hun.

Hahahahaha! You see! They see us coming and pull back without a fight! Security jobs pay out even when no combat occurs. I love being a mercenary!

Don't celebrate yet. I'm sending you right after them.


He's just trying to draw you out, Snake.

I know he is. And it's working! Attila, I'm coming for you! Our troops are engaging you right now!


Goddamn, these trebuchets are way better than the old catapults! The city's walls are already half-cracked!

Time to earn our daily bread! Strike forward, men!

Hahaha! You see!? No problem! Now we will---strange. The city is…deserted. Many troops guarding the outer walls, but none in the center. Let's go, boys! Sniff out what's wrong!

I'm going in with you. Watch your back, buddy.

Be careful! It could be a trap!

If there is trouble, I get paid double! Haha! We are approaching the royal library now…

Something's wrong. There's piles and piles of corpses stacked in front of the royal library--Hun corpses. The front door is wide open…


No, wait!

Oh! Hello! You ar---AUUUGUGHEIGHGHG! Guururr…hurk…gaaah…

Something's killing them! Something…big!

Get them out of there!

AIIEIEEE! The--the---GRAUUGH! *crash!* *bang!* *crumble!*

…I…think it's too late to help them. I'm going to, uh…wait a minute for whatever's in there to lower its guard, and then sneak in, see if I can see what it is.

Move carefully. Stick to the shadows!

No way… Ashurbanipal?

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