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Part 26: Just Before The End

Part 26: Just Before The End

That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mercenaries everywhere! We have the first privatized space force in history! Maybe once the war is over we can figure out where the hell we are in the universe, 'cause it sure isn't Earth.

Well, we're almost ready to roll and finish this damn war. So, Stealth Team, how was your first major mission?

You won't believe who we had to fight to rescue Dr. Strangelove, Boss.

Try me.

There was this quintet of super-soldiers called the Supreme Senses. First there was God's Vision, this woman with glasses who could see through walls and cut trees in half with her bayonet rifle.

Then there was Devil's Ears, this bat-guy hiding in the rafters of a cathedral who hunted by sound. He kept jumping around sniping us from the shadows.

Uh-huh…go on…

Fiend's Hunger was some kind of knife maniac who could assimilate people's memories by eating their brains or drinking their blood…and he liked to lick his knife a lot after stabbing people.

Of course.

Hound's Howl was a freaking werewolf who chased us through the woods, tracking us by scent. We had to pull a lot of tricks to take him down.

And the last guy was Death's Touch, a mutant with nematocysts, jellyfish stingers, in his hands.

And I fought that bastard hand-to-hand! Ouch…

Yeah, that's about what I expected. Job well done! I'll hand you guys some medals and some vacation time, you've definitely earned it.

Hi, I'm John Maynard Keynes, the greatest economist of the 20th century! I hope you learn from history and do not gut the countries of your defeated enemies, or it'll come back to bite you!

Good thinking.

Whoah, these technical specs are amazing. They're theoretical documents for microscopic machines that could do…almost anything, really!

Yes. They're based off of theories put forward by a contemporary scientist I once met in Tokyo just last year…1974. He called it "nano-technology". It looks like the future of the world has many uses for this.

Feeling better, doc?


So, what's Napoleon's secret plan? And why were you helping him?


Boss, someone set the marble quarry on fire again! How is that even possible?

Not now Kaz!!! …you were saying, doc?

He said that she was here in this land too, and that he'd reunite us if I cooperated. Since this is where legendary figures are reborn, it seemed possible. I knew he was probably lying, but I couldn't take the chance.

Damn. Well, when you put it like that, I can see why. So, is he sticking his brain into any more machines? Where's the real Napoleon?

I don't know. He's very good at interdepartmental segregation.

Fine. In the lack of any better options, let's make sure he's got nothing left to try!

Napoleon, if you can hear this, I'm sending everything I've got at you. I'm taking Karakorum back and giving it to Genghis, and bringing peace to this world once and for all!

Heh heh heh…yes, I can hear you. Let's end this.

He's got a lot of anti-air here. Damn! Our air forces are worthless!

I'll take 'em out!

God-damn, this machine is powerful. I can see why Paz and Volgin went mad with power when they were behind the wheel of these things.

Don't let it go to your head!

Hahaha, this new tank is awesome! It's got more guns on it than a battleship! Preparing to capture enemy forces!


Sneaking around the battlefield and slappin' Fulton Balloons on everyone! I love this sneaking suit!

These new rockets are practically unstoppable! We should be able to roll right over everything he's got!

Snake, this version of Metal Gear is equipped with fast repair functions that will allow its parts to be replaced in the field in minutes. Make good use of it. I won't have time to build you a second Metal Gear!

Good work, Huey! You've really outdone yourself with this one!

Troyes is down! Weird, they've got Mayan pyramids here…

Tours is folding. I don't even have to fire my weapons, just the sight of Metal Gear walking through the streets is making them throw down their arms.

Thank goodness…

See, Huey? I told you I'd use it as peacefully as possible. There's a lot to be said for shock and awe.

He was kidnapping scientists from the city-states too? Huh, it's a good thing we saved them, then.

This is the final battle, everyone! Give it all you've got!

Hey, we found some more people turning to our side from France!

…Coco Chanel? Didn't you just die a few years ago?

Did I? Well, I look and smell rather good for a dead woman, wouldn't you say? I bet after the war everyone's going to be very, very interested in cleaning up and putting the misery of battle behind them. That's why you'll need me, Big Boss!

…sure, okay.

One final push, boys and girls! After this, we can finally relax and play Pooyan!



Hmm…what an interesting weapon…

To Be Concluded?