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Part 38: Pyramids of Power!

Part 35: Pyramids of POWER!

Tokyo's down and out. We should probably keep it, it's a useful buffer between us and Kyoto. I can't believe I just said those words.

Good thing we already had a huge standing army. We had time to put the finishing touches on one final special project for Strangelove…


She's…laughing. I didn't know she could do that.

Ahahahahahaha! FINALLY! My new lab! This will usher in a new golden age for us all!

Wow. You, uh, really like pyramids, huh?

They're PERFECT!

I'm not even going to ask. Just…just do your thing, okay? I have some science questions later for you.

Just captured some Japanese spear-guys! "Yari Ashigaru" or something. What's that mean?

"Spear-guys." Mercenaries, actually, like us, but really badly trained.

Yeah, these guys were crap in battle.

Nobunaga's famous for using lots of peasants as warriors when other warlords would sneer at the idea--and he liked giving them guns, too. We're lucky he doesn't seem to have any, yet.

We're setting up a sort of education exchange program with the clients. They send us their best and brightest, and we educate them, and they work for me, in the lab, during the process. We keep them away from the classified stuff, of course, but this will help out in the science a bit!


Damn, that was just one day's worth of bombardment. These trebuchets are blowing straight through his walls. Strangelove does good work.


Boss, you'd better get in here fast! This guy is armed with--AUUUGHHH!!!

Oh, crap…

Next time: Nobunaga Boss Fight! Also: Wow, that was a short update…sorry!