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Part 50: The POWER of DEMOCRACY!

Part 47: The POWER of DEMOCRACY!

Looks like more terrorists are setting up shop outside of Antwerp! We should have at least one or two units posted everywhere we can, just to keep down incidents like these!

Even if the world becomes peaceful, there'll always be a need for fighting of some sort…which is okay, it makes me feel like my skillset isn't obsolete.

Hey, Boss! We know you already let women in your army and that's awesome of you, but you mind if you put it into our constitution officially that nobody's going to be discriminated against because of their body or background or sexual orientation or anything?

Easy enough, I've already got something like that ready to sign off on!

What about robots? Like, a non-evil android, different from Snatchers, if they wanted to join your country you'd let 'em, right?

Sure, though, uh…didn't we already run everyone in the country under a metal detector?

I may have met a cute guy at random the other week who's some sort of anti-Snatcher running around killing off the last of them…he looks like Sting! Ooooh!

Wait, that guy was a robot? Hooo, boy…

I told you, Snake!

Robosexuals…well, whatever makes people happy!

Inclusivity always makes people happy, Snake. Quite happy.

No, sir…you…SIR! Please stop sending us Turkish lancers! We're about to upgrade to cars and we've all been using guns for a while now, they're no good to us any more!

Hey, they're playing "The Mikado!"

I wonder what Para-medic thinks of that show…

Is this some sort of grotesque parody of my homeland!?

Actually it's more like England parodying itself by pretending to be a different culture.


More terrorists attacking Cape Town! Jeez. These guys won't let up!

My infiltration of Babylon has revealed they intend to finish enslaving the Inca. What you do with this information…is up to you.

Ugh…they're pretty nasty. Let's at least warn Pachacuti so he can prepare.

Hmph. His forces are incredibly powerful, but I still have a few old-world tricks to play. We'll see how it goes.

I got 'em, Snake! Of course, mostly I just called in the guards so they could arrest the spy, but I'm doing my part!

Oh, do you know how long it's been since I had a good cold beer?

It took us this long because we're trying to shoot for the, uh, less ecologically-damaging refrigeration methods.

Heh, found some remnants of when we first skirmished with Nobunaga…and now we're allies these days. Seems so long ago, right?

It does.

Funny story, when I first met the Boss, I was working for another country, and I tried to kill him in a suicide action with a grenade. He stopped me, and instead of killing me, he took care of me in the hospital. We've been buddies ever since.

He does this often, doesn't he?

It can happen between countries as well as individuals. Back during the end of World War II, Japan fully expected America to burn it to the ground and leave nothing standing. Instead, they helped to rebuild the country and decades later they considered each other allies. There's no such thing as an absolute, eternal enemy. We can only be enemies in relative terms…which means even in dire circumstances there's a chance for real peace.

I came from a turbulent time where nobody could ever be fully considered your ally…but I suppose that it goes the other way as well.

Big Boss, would you mind if you allowed some tourists into your country? For the sake of cultural exchange. I'd make it worth your while.

Well, for the sake of peace…alright…

More terrorists attacking Cape Town…but we managed to subdue and recruit 'em all! WOO! We rock! We've S-Ranked THIS mission!

Mother Base has upgraded, Boss! We've got a lot of spare aluminum and even some Uranium. If we're not going to use it for nukes, we should figure out how to make a nuclear power plant or something with it.

Hi, I'm Charles Stark Draper, inventor of inertial navigation! If you want a space program, you're going to want my help!

Oof, so many artists are flocking to our country now, Snake! We'll turn Mother Base into a new City of Lights!

I wonder if it's possible to be a stealth artist…

SNAKE! They're trying to ban shiny things! How DARE they!

Bastards! I won't let this stand! I've got a whole bunch of city-states on my side! Sidon! Almaty! Zurich! Bucharest! Cape Town! And…"Steelport?" Never heard of it, is it from the future like Solidus?


Huh. I don't suppose you have any cool technology from the future you could help me with?

I used to have a whole bunch of jet bikes and VTOLS but I kind of destroy every vehicle I get into…anyway, I don't care if you really ARE an insane war criminal from the past brought back to life, you're MY insane war criminal from the past brought back to life! I'm pulling for you!

Uh…thanks for your support…

I'll send you one of my subordinates, though! Some Russian spy guy Oleg says is cool. Codename's Shotmaker.

Oh, no...

Big Boss! Pleased to meet you! Can I guard your base?

… You'll need some training first. Good thing I just commissioned a new training facility from Kaz!


Suck it up, greenhorn! If you want to be a secret agent you have to at least be able to resist a few volts being pumped into you by your enemy! How else do you think I survived meeting Colonel Volgin?

Now this is traveling in style!

Dammit, I told them to make her look more like David Bowie…oh, well, I suppose this will have to do…

Just because we're being democratic, it doesn't mean we need to be wimpy about it! In addition to stepping up production, I'm thinking of letting some of our troops permanently emigrate, a lot of them are shacking up with the locals anyway.

Heh, I'm for it.

Oooh, Snake! You're giving me my own photography museum?

Consider yourself our new morale officer!

So, you'll work for us now?

Yes…but can I still wear a loincloth and horned helmet?

If you don't wear proper clothing your stamina will decrease faster!

So what's this story about?

It's about rebels and contra-rebels fighting each other in a high-tech setting! Lots of blowing up giant robots and horrible monstrosities!

Hey, I could get into this!

Hey! This isn't a Shiny Things shrine! Blasphemy!

Cut it out, pal. In MY country we have religious tolerance! Just remember, if we didn't have it, YOUR religion wouldn't have even gotten off the ground!

…oh, good point. Sorry.


We've managed to balance the scales of power just enough to keep any countries from getting into any big wars…

Which was how we played it back when MSF was just a mercenary company doing jobs on both sides of the Cold War. Except now we're a world power ourselves…crazy, huh?

You're still really popular with the people of the world. Keep it up and they might elect you president of everyone!

Which reminds me…good luck in the next election, Mastodon!

Hah! Even if I don't win the next election against you, Boss, I plan on doubling the number of people who vote for me!

Hee hee hee. So fancy! Mother Base is truly the envy of the world!

Boss, I just reinvented pinball machines!

I will defeat you, Snake Eater: The Game! Oh, yes. You will be mine.

Suck it, Babylon, you can't beat us when it comes to sports!

Good work, everyone.


Everything's looking up for once.

And I know, as we keep moving forward into the future…


…That things will just keep getting better!


And as your leader…

…I promise to give you all world peace for as long as I live!


Thank you all. Thank you, everyone.


I did it…I won the election! I WON!



What is it, Kaz? There's nothing to worry about, I won the election, I'm the world's leader now!


He's taking over EVERYTHING!

Buh? What?



Heh heh heh. Thank you, Snake.

To Be Continued!