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Part 31: Here we go again!

Part 28: Here we go again!

We've managed to get most of our new makeshift Mother Base back in order, Boss.

Didn't…weren't we in a different place earlier? Less jungle, more plains?

…Boss, are you sure you're feeling alright?

No. No, I don't think so. Look, there's some salvage over to the northwest, might have some stuff in it. This whole continent is probably covered in junk we can use… (…if it's like last time…)

Right. I'll send out our guys. Maybe we'll get lucky and find some bullets soon.

Huh. Money. I don't recognize this currency, though.

(…he's repeating himself…) Money's no good unless we can trade it. There have to be some settlements…somewhere?

We found one!

Huh. "Milan?" Like the city in Italy?

Well, let's ask them if they want a few border guards for cash. And salvage. I'll let you handle the paperwork.

Wow, you're really on top of things today, Boss! I was just about to suggest that!

BOSS! We've found more soldiers! Not from Milan, either! They look…really organized.

We're getting a signal on the radio.

Oh, boy. Here it comes! I've got a few choice words to say to that headdressed blood-freak!

…huh. Wasn't expecting a Roman emperor.

What were you expecting?

You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Look, uh, Caesar…you're not going to attack us, are you?

Heh. What do you take me for, an uncivilized barbarian?

Thank God. It's nice to finally meet someone who doesn't want to kill me.

Now, if you'd be so kind as to disarm and allow me to process your city into the empire, we'll all be better off for it. Pay your taxes and follow orders, and we shall allow you a certain degree of autonomy, and reward your service.

…son of a BITCH!

I beg your pardon?

Hell hell FUCK shit god DAMN IT!

I'm sorry, I don't speak Gaulish.

Uh…now may not be a good time to talk about this, Mr. Caesar.

FUCK fuck fuck fuck FUUUUCK!

We just met an envoy from some other group of survivors, sirs!

Huh, these guys look…Japanese?

Whoah. The Oda Nobunaga?

None other!

*anguished howl of the damned*

Uh…the boss isn't having a good day, he's…not feeling well.

Hmph! That's not unique! I was feeling rather upset and confused today myself. Fortunately, I just slaughtered an entire swarm of bandits, so it relieved the stress.

That's, uh…that's kind of terrifying, Lord Nobunaga.

*blearily* Are you going to kill us?

Well… That depends on how good a mood I'm in tomorrow, doesn't it? Better make sure you don't do anything to piss me off. I suppose we'll talk more in the future. I need to go looking to see if there are any ammunition sources around here… all my guns are worthless without them…


Alright, soldiers. Listen up. I can tell you already that we're probably in for a world of hurt, we're sandwiched between two world-famous historical conquerers. Don't even ask me how I know this, but I bet we'll keep meeting more. Most people we meet will want us dead…so, not so different from how things were back home, right?

Heh, when you put it like that...

I know you can handle it. If we want to survive, we'll do whatever jobs we can for the independent settlements around here, whatever it takes. Pull in money, resources, new recruits…whatever we can. We can't afford to be picky.

Sir, we found more survivors!

Ah, good, I was wondering when we'd find you, Chico.

Chico? I'm afraid not, Snake. But it's nice to be here all the same.


What's the matter?

…I guess… I just realized that things won't always go the way I expect them to.

To be continued!