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by Speedball

Part 36: Caesar Boss Fight!

Part 33: Caesar Boss Fight

Boss, did you finally make it in?

Armed with his knife, a shortsword and a shortbow, Snake creeps into the heavily-fortified Roman Colosseum, hunched up against a wall.

Kept you waiting, huh? Sorry. Sneaking through a war zone is tricky.

Most of our forces are still engaged with the Romans outside, or on their way. They'll probably re-take the city before our own reinforcements can show up. We'll win this war, but that'll be too late for our intel operative.

And since I'm still the best sneaker in the business, it's gotta be me.

Fortunately, most of his army is out fighting ours, so resistance will be as minimal as possible. What's it look like?

This place is a maze. It's full of machines and--aaahhh!

A wall shoots down out of the ceiling, cutting off the hallway and trapping Snake in the building.

Snake, can you hear me? No need to respond, I know you're there. I have your spy. Come to me, and get him if you can. This entire building is my weapon!

Foot-long spikes shoot out of the ground, covering the hallway in a lethal field of poking death, but fortunately, Snake was still hugging the walls and they narrowly miss him. Then, he awkwardly but quickly hops his way forward through the gaps between them.

Hrmph. That usually gets most of them. How about this!

A section of wall falls away, revealing four archers on a raised platform in a perpendicular hall. Snake realizes he has no cover, and sprints straight towards them past the spikes, up against the wall.

That won't work! Prepare the fire bombs!

The archers are about to throw primitive fire bombs over the edge on him, but Snake whacks off the pointy top of the nearest wooden spike with his sword, then uses it as a stepping stool and leaps into the raised archer-passageway, falling upon the archers. In seconds, they're all crumpled in a heap, either stabbed to death or with their faces smashed into the walls.

Thanks for the fireballs.

Damn you! Why won't you die!?

Now that Snake's in a passageway meant for guards, he's cutting through the defenses of Caesar's Colosseum-maze. He emerges into the center of the arena.

Snake, can you hear me? I'm on the north side!

Silence that dog! Activate the combat platforms! Flood the floors!

The floor of the Colosseum's arena floods with water and elevated platforms pop out of the ground. Snake has to hop to one quickly before he gets swept away in the current.

And now you're isolated, Snake! I'm releasing sharks into the water as well. Goodbye.

Another group of archers appear on the stands and takes aim--and are blown to pieces when Snake lobs his first firebomb at them!

HaaaaaAARRRRH! My best men!

Only one bomb left…

Snake looks around and confirms that, yes, there are sharks in the water. He looks at his bomb…then at the wooden struts holding up his platform…and chucks the bomb at the struts and ducks.


The explosion blasts the platform straight off its struts and Snake clings to it like a raft, kicking his way towards the edge of the Arena.

You barbarian FOOL! Why do you resist me!? I'm trying to make the world a better place! A cleaner place, a more orderly place!

A better place for you, maybe. You're not letting yourself getting voted out of power any time soon, are you, "Chairman?"

And why should I? I'm the only one qualified to make the decisions necessary for the future!

Yeah, never heard that one before. You really are a model for future generations.

Snake starts running up the stairs of the Colosseum, only for boulders to be released, crashing down towards him! He narrowly flips out of their way, and rushes towards the emperor's view chamber.

Snake, look out!

Just before he enters the chamber, a guillotine blade slashes down over the doorway, almost chopping Snake in half, but thanks to the warning, he slowed down enough to be saved! Hopping over the blade, Snake CQCs the last four guards into the ground, and approaches Augustus Caesar, holding a knife to the bound intel officer's throat.

You…you monster! Demon! What are you!?

Well, I'm not a parchment-pusher like you.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Brute force, overwhelming intellect and strategy? One strong man, slipping through my perfect fortress of death, like a knife slipping between the cracks of a suit of armor?! I… you… this doesn't make any sense! Hahahahahahahaha!

Let him go. If you kill him, I'll kill you next and I won't be nice about it.

Caesar falls back from Kojima, still laughing, still holding the knife.

Kill me?! No one will ever kill me. No one will ever kill me! NO ONE WILL EVER KILL ME!

He raises his knife to his throat and plunges it in. He falls over dead. Snake approaches slowly and wearily sheaths his sword.

Guh… damn… things don't go according to plan and he completely loses it.

Snake unties Hideo from his chair.

Hey, Hideo! Are you okay?

Snake… What took you so long?

Humph! You're on potato-peeling duty for that, Hideo. Now, let's get out of here. Augustus might be dead but his generals are way better at fighting than him, and they'll retake this city soon…

To be continued…