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Part 52: Part X: Endless Snake

Part X: Endless Snake!

I just don't get why we can't tell how many enemy ships there are until after we're in firing range. This is space! THERE IS NO COVER FOR THEM TO HIDE BEHIND!

Yes, but Snake, space is big! They're nothing but a tiny blip on our radar until we get within firing distance!

Excuses, excuses. Anyway, our food sucks. Let's see if we can get some better grub on one of these other planets. Hey, Strangelove! How's our research going?



…muuuuuughh. Overworked. Need more coffee.



Doc, calm down! This isn't like you!

There's too many things to research at once. One group keeps bothering me about weapons, another keeps talking about settling and exploring, a third wants supermarkets and shopping malls, and Huey keeps babbling on about how we need to find out about making robots from superdense space elements! I CAN'T DO IT ALL AT THE SAME TIME! MY PYRAMID EXPLODED!

HUh-huh-huh-huh, hoooo maaaaaan.

What have you gotten into, Leopard?

Alien shrooms, maaaan! They're greaaaat!

You're telling me we had to spend eight weeks just to learn how to say "Hello, don't kill us" in Klingon?

Well, it seems that waving a white flag to some aliens means "Screw your mother with her own ovipositor" and a handshake is a come-on.

Behold! In space, the shiniest of shinies are within our grasp at last!

Oh, Jesus… what do you want?



But won't you explode when it touches your normal gems--


Aww, dammit.

Ah, at last! Friendly aliens! Put 'er there, my slimy friend!

Snake, no! Remember what I just told you!



AAAHHH…oh. It was all just a dream. Just a dream…

Or was it? Mua-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-hAAAA!

(Next update for reals soon, folks!)