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Part 30: Interlude - Part 3

Madoka Part 3: The M Team!

I'm seriously loving this flavor text.

Auitzotl is getting Siege Training--it's useful for more than JUST attacking cities since it also blocks ranged damage, but that's what it's most useful for. Regular Madoka is seriously starting to cramp my style with those extra cities everywhere…grr.

Meanwhile, Terry gets the Skirmish training, granting more offensive power and an extra move point--very handy!

Since I'm getting free combat units I don't have to waste time building any, which leaves me with more time to focus on building wonders. This wonder's important for its free garden--if we didn't have a river we'd need this wonder to enable the extra Great Person production. Plus we needed the food.

Now it's time to stop making wonders and start making a few trade caravans because our economy will tank soon if we don't. Plus catapults.

Someone else is making a religion. This early in the game it's probably Kyouko.

New policy time, I open up Piety…couple of turns pass…

Prophet 2.0 is born!

I'm taking the Enhancer Belief Messiah! I usually never take Messiah, but because I'm trying to make Great Prophets and nothing else, it's perfect for our purposes. See what I meant about how this civ makes you take different choices than normal?

ACK! It's Homura! I didn't expect to bump into her so soon. Well, she's programmed kinda funny. Sometimes she gets into big arguments with her neighbors in this game, sometimes she acts like she's your best friend. Also she's armed with a bow in the art here because in Reality 2.0 she got the use of Madoka's weapon at the end of the show, and was the only person who remembered Madoka existed. (And in case you're wondering, a lot of Ultra Madoka's dialogue reflects that she's surprised you can even sense her presence.)

Homura, where the hell are you on the map?

Still loving this flavor text.

POW! All our GMGs in friendly territory are now popped up to 14 Combat Strength--handy! Just need a few catapults now to claim the island for ourselves.

Sweet! I'm going to use this fellow on a manufactory!

Building this thing was kind of important for our purposes because we're spreading ourselves thin over three different policy trees, you see. I'm putting another policy in Piety.

Henry Bessemer, inventor of the Bessemer steel process, is now a Magical Girl!

Engineer GMGs can create roads or repair destroyed improvements. They are really good for defensive GMGs, in this case.


(I'm doing this because denouncing another civ pisses them off, but seems less underhanded to other civs when you attack them. Forgive me, Madoka…but THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!)

So then I declare war and move in my troops next turn.

POW! City taken. It was a small, weak city with not much population so it went down easy. I'm razing it because it has no unique resources and it's too close to my main city.

With that out of the way, we meet some resistance from the north. Good, that'll provide more XP to our units. We're bleeding a lot of money at the moment because I'm trying to build lots of connective roads and those cost money until you finish them.

Fortunately, Henry Bessemer is using her giant shovel to lay down roads really fast!


Well, we are going to lose a few. This is the first of many.

However, all this fighting has produced a replacement for Auitzel. I'm going to wait before popping this one as a Citadel, though, because I want this one to stack with my GMGs to give them a combat bonus.

While all the fighting was going on, I built this thing. We'll need the extra cash it'll provide in the future, and it helps us make Great Merchants.

Mitakihara city is down! Only one catapult left but plenty of GMGs! Too bad Auitzel died, though, she was the one I had specced for attacking cities.

My support GMG, Nancy, is healing up the surrounding troops faster than normal. She's already earning her pay.

Former Great Prophet Maria, you are now my city-attacker!

While Terry is now able to run faster than a horse! And needs to get the hell out of there, she's badly wounded.

I similarly have to decide if Nancy, our defensive support unit we've had from the beginning, is going to learn "War Crescendo" to weaken all nearby enemies, or further healing training. I go with healing because increasing the survivability of my girls is taking priority right now.

It's time to end this. I blast the last city and take it, aaaaand get a message that breaks my little heart.

…man, now I feel like a jerk. Sorry, Madoka! It's just for demonstration purposes!

Well. We leveled up some of our troops quite nicely and before any other civs besides Homura met us, which means we won't get a warmonger penalty with them. I hope.

Oh, speak of the devil! See what I mean? That was too close!

Note From the Future: At this point, I realized I'd never get back to the real LP if I spent the time trying to finish this demonstration. There are two more Madoka civs from the Rebellion movie that I haven't revealed. One of them is incredibly spoilery, so download the mod yourself if you want to see it! It's so powerful, so dangerous, so NASTY, it's the only civ I know of that makes for a proper BOSS FIGHT.