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Part 58: Interlude 2 - Armstrong!

Update Omega: Armstrong!

There’s one last Metal Gear Civ that Vice Virtuoso has made: Senator Armstrong of Colorado and World Marshall Incorporated!

Senator Armstrong uses war as a business to end war as a business! He’s a unique mix of political power with military power.

Since the ability to vote on anything at all only occurs by the second half of the game, he’s a late-bloomer, but a pretty decent one!

For demonstration purposes, I started a game here in the Modern/Atomic era so we could see what happens when we need VOTES. Heh heh.

Like so!

Now, say we want to get elected world leader, or perhaps just get enough votes to push through a measure. We could do it the oldschool way, by having diplomats/spies, trading favors, and bribing the hell out of city-states, but there is another way!


The Courthouse replacement building that World Marshall gets (the building you build in conquered cities) has a special function when built in a city-state. It lets you still have the votes that city-state would normally give.

So, not only do we get votes for having military troops in other people’s territory during a war, we get votes for taking over little independent nations.

Going Iron Curtain for the Order ideology lets us have a free Junta in every building we capture, meaning instant votes for quick captures!

One of the other guys on this map is the hated Alexander, which means he’s doing all sorts of stuff to bribe city-states to his side, and another is Venice, who is outright buying city-states into his empire. We need to work relatively fast.

Mombasa here was a Greek ally, but now they’ve been blown away and will very shortly begin working for us. Heh heh heh. And voting for us.

Because of our wanton aggression, we now have 4 more votes than we ordinarily would! Not enough to get voted world leader, but hey!

So on and so forth.

Armstrong’s not as complicated as other Vice Virtuoso civs, but he’s definitely a nice fusion of two things that ordinarily don’t have anything to do with each other: military aggression and diplomacy. Another good choice for Armstrong is Gunboat Diplomacy, where city-states start to like you more if you park your units near their borders.

And then there’s the final, late-game unit they have: CYBORG NINJAS!

These guys replace the Mobile Infantry IFV that you usually get in the Information Age. You get science for chopping up enemies, and they heal themselves to full each time, just like Raiden and Sam! Heh heh. Pretty cool, huh?

So that’s Armstrong: Play nice with your enemies, or break ‘em in half! Just make sure to let someone else write your speeches for you!