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Part 51: Who stole our nation!?

Part 48: Who stole our nation!?

What? What happened?

Not sure, it's like someone just…flipped a lightswitch on and everyone in all our cities is working for Babylon now. You were in a trance for a while too. If it's mind control it's on some kind of massive scale…it's like the whole world is a nightmare.

…what is THAT?!

KaaaaAAAZZZ! I told you to cancel Metal Gear!

I de-mothballed it because of the crisis. I figured there might be some reason to hold onto the leftovers.

Well, all the core parts were finished, I really just needed to assemble them.

Goddamnit, man, the last two Metal Gears we had got turned against us, you think this one won't too?


Nevermind. Look, it's a great weapon, but I can't possibly carve my way through the entire Babylonian empire with it, can i?


This is Metal Gear G. The G stands for "Guerilla." It's modular. If we get enough salvage I can just slap on new weaponry, and it has hands, so you could scoop up new tools easily. Of course, we only have one Metal Gear hangar so you'd need to bring it back to Mother Base…

So we might as well just put all the junk we've got on it right now. Okay, how's our logistics?


Our supply lines have been cut to shreds and all our forces are trapped around the world. We're just going to have to buy stuff from whoever will sell.

And that's where I come in, man.

This is some guy selling black-market weapons, named Drebin. One of our city-state allies gave him to us as a gift. They could have executed him but instead he works for us now.

Heh…I'm no stranger to working with PMCs, but MSF is one I never thought I'd see. Nice to meet you, BB.

Great. The rest of our stranded forces are just going to have to use salvage to upgrade and maintain themselves. You, Drebin, what kind of equipment you got for me?

Take a look at these!

Drop suits, for high-altitude insertions to military hotspots half a globe away. Very nasty stuff, you don't want to mess around with this. The extraction process isn't ready yet, so if you do launch yourselves into another country, there's no way back.

Great, we're being launched like a slingshot into other countries.

So, what's the plan, boss? Conquer every city by force and kick Nebuchadnezzar's ass?

Partially. We'll focus on helping the Japanese cities first. While all that's going on we'll transport Metal Gear to Babylon and perform a decapitation strike.

He means to conquer what is left of the world. As if that weren't already obvious. He hasn't fired a single shot at us yet, though. He's just using his…whatever it is…to make cities belong to him.

Great. Well, let's check what everyone has to say one last time before we commit to physical altercations.

Financial Advisor?

MSF's a business, and business has been good to us, Snake. We've got a lot of money to blow.

Military Advisor?

I've never seen so many troops at once. Even scattered we're ready to shake the world.

Foreign Advisor?

Make sure to restore Pachacuti's cities to his control if you take any. It'll gain you a powerful ally to be sure.

Science Advisor?

We're doing acceptably well, Snake. My research pyramid is gathering more data than every enemy city combined.

And lastly…Entertainment Advisor?

70% of my life is movies. The rest is up to you.

Perfect! Let's GO!

Ohshitohshitohshit GERONIMO!!!!!


Everyone who's still independent is on our side, Snake. We can do this!

At last… finally…

To be Continued!