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Part 13: Genghis, old buddy!

Part 13: Genghis, old buddy!

Okay…remaining troops, clean out or capture the rest of the Huns…I need some serious downtime and chowtime after that.

What happened to Attila?

Died of a nosebleed.

Sir! Our scouting vessel managed to make contact with the other island! We're in contact with one of the other leaders!

Wugh… okay. Let's do this. "I'm here, I'm going to kill you someday, face me and die…"

Ah…Big Boss. The man with the same code name as I.

You know me?

I have been listening to your messages ever since you arrived here. To study potential enemies long before we meet…that is our way.

Pretty smart…

Big Boss… How dear are your friends and comrades to you?

Well, uh…I'm not really a "power of love" type of guy, but…I'd be nothing without my support.

Good. Then we understand each other. I have Dr. Strangelove.


She's been with me since we all…began…in this strange land. I am no scholar but I always make sure to make use of the scholars I find.

So, "Don't mess with me or I'll kill her," huh?

No. I entreat you to fight me, to the death. If you do not, you will never find her. Win or lose, we will release her to the MSF. That is all.

What the hell…

Another day, another Outer Ops mission. How many of these bastards do we have to kill, already!?

Ahhh…the mercenary lord. I've heard rumors about you.

Emperor. Nice to meet you. I'm going to make this simple. I know you're the greatest military commander in history and you have a lot more class than most of the warlords I've faced, but I am very frustrated by the fact that everyone wants to kill me and my troops. So let me make this perfectly clear: I have fought things you couldn't even imagine in your wildest dreams…so I'm not afraid to become your worst nightmare if I have to. I'd rather we be civilized for once.

Hmm…a bold request, but not an unjustified one. Perhaps a trade envoy will sweeten relations between our people.

Sounds like a good idea.

They've traded us some of the good stuff, Snake, so he's as good as his word, for now…but you know…he's infamously ambitious. He took the crown of emperor straight out of the pope's hands during the coronation.

The kind of guy who's not happy until he has all the beachfront property he can snap up, I know…let's try to get better guns or something in the meantime.

Greetings! I am Blaise Pascal, the greatest inventor in France!

Gaaah, not another delusional…

No, I think this guy actually is from France! Dunno why he's working for us instead of Napoleon, but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Okay, uh, Blaise…tell you what. Build me a factory or something, would you? We only really have Mother Base to work out of, it'd be nice if our production rates were improved.

Ah, but Big Boss, I am more than a mere builder! I am a scientist, philosopher, and mathematician! Your men do their work but scarcely analyze it. You wish to refine your sciences, do you not? I can help with this as well!

Uh, okay. Knock yourself out, Pascal.

Going over the books, our mercenaries are doing pretty well to keep our economy afloat, Snake.

Yeah, I just hope that doesn't make us a tempting target. Alexander has been…weirdly quiet for a long time ever since Attila punched him in the face and burned down Sparta. We should figure out what he's up to soon.

Congratulations, soldier. You're an officer now. Your new code name is Jeanne D'arc.

But I'm a guy!

Hey, can I trade with him?

NO! You're Hannibal and he's Jeanne D'arc! No complaining about code names. I had to be "Naked Snake" once, deal with it.

According to initial reports, Napoleon isn't just interested in conquering his island, he's been spending an inordinate amount of time on making it pretty…lots of special projects to display the superiority of French art and culture.

Go on a sneaking mission, Kaz. Your orders are to infiltrate Paris and bring back anything useful you can. I still don't trust that guy…

What about Strangelove?

I still don't know what Genghis's game is regarding her. I'm going to have to get another good infiltrator to figure that out too.

Big Boss, I've been fighting to secure the peace and tranquility of my lands for a long while…and I've heard rumors that Genghis Khan is holding one of your compatriots hostage, is he not? We should join our forces to eradicate the hordes.

Hrrmrrrmmm…give me a week to decide, okay? Fighting off the biggest warlord in the world isn't something I want to jump into with both feet.

As you wish, but my forces are moving on his regardless of your intentions.

What the hell am I getting myself into here…

To Be Continued