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Part 19: Shaka Boss Fight.

19: Shaka Boss Fight

Snake and his forces--many men and women armed with repeater rifles--march on the final Zulu stronghold. Battalions of Zulu warriors stand at attention with their spears at the ready to either side. At the center of the cobbled-together city, before some temple ruins, Shaka waits, armed for battle with his Impi.

Big Boss. Are you here to destroy us?

You've had it in for me ever since we encountered each other. What made you think I was as bad as the guy who kept stabbing people for blood or the maniac horse archer or the hypnotic kid?


Everyone's either with you or against you, huh? Is that how you justified conquering those city-states?

Yes! What my people need, I take.

What's Zulu for "Self-fulfilling prophecy?"

You may have beaten my people through force of arms, but your technology is no substitute for bravery. Though we will surely all die, we will scar you so deeply your people will never forget us.

The Impi ready their throwing arms and the MSF raise their rifles.

No! Stop! Shaka…you really think I'm some armchair general hiding behind boomsticks? Let's settle this like adults. You and me.

Heh heh heh heh heh. HAH HAH HAH!

Everyone stares at the laughing king…this is the first time anyone's seen him smile.

You may fight alone, if you wish, Snake…but I shall not. The power of my army is mine to command!

My lord, no!

Shaka stomps on the ground with his bare foot, and a huge fissure appears. Wind blows, and a barrier of dust separates Snake and Shaka from the rest of the people, leaving them trapped against the temple ruins. The Impi begin shaking in place as if suffering seizures.

Come to me…now! I COMMAND YOU!

The Impi collapse where they stand and shades fly out of their bodies, into the air. The shades zip through the dust barrier and begin swarming around Shaka's body.

Every man an army…

The shades coalesce around him, creating a huge dark figure of dust and shadow.


Where Shaka once stood is a massive Minotaur-like creature made of shadow.

God dammit, not again…

The shadow-beast charges at Snake, stretching its two arms out wide with points on the ends in a pincer attack. Snake just barely manages to duck under the swipe of one arm and roll to the side as the minotaur charges past.


Big talk for a guy who just sacrificed his people for his own gain.

Snake fires his repeater rifle at the behemoth, but the shadowy creature's body just reforms like water.


The Minotaur-Shaka grabs a boulder from the ruins and hurls it crudely at Snake, who flips to the side and just barely misses being crushed into salsa.

KAZ! EVERYONE! Revive the Impi! QUICK!


Just do it! CPR, mouth breathing, smelling salts, splash of cold water, whatever you can do to wake them up!


Shaka slams both his arms into the ground and charges forward, turning himself into a literal bull-dozer tearing up everything in his path. He's only seconds away from pulping Snake.

Made of shadow, huh? How do you handle the light?

Snake tosses a flashbang at the creature--and the explosion sends Shaka reeling. Some of the shades seem to fly off his body.


Though ragged around the edges now, the Shaka-taur is still very much alive and it charges the rest of the way, snatching Snake up in one claw.



Shaka squeezes Snake in his grip, intending to pop him like a zit, but then, he staggers and drops Snake gasping to the ground.


Shades begin peeling themselves off the shadow-beast and he diminishes in size. The sandstorm separating them from the town dies down, and Shaka is soon reduced to his human form. Snake coughs and regains his footing. Across the way, the MSF soldiers are doing their best to revive the rest of the Impi.

Heh. Good work, Kaz.

With a cry, Shaka dives for his spear and shield, but Snake sweeps his leg and sends him to the ground. Snake leaps right on top of him and pins him down expertly.

Guuggh…RAAARRRRGH! Do it, then, coward! Finish me!


Snake pulls out his tiny weapon from its sheath.

You know what else we rediscovered besides gunpowder? Electricity.

Snake rams his stun rod into Shaka and zaps him into unconsciousness.

Whew. That was a close one…good work, everyone.

I can't believe he would go on about protecting his people only to endanger them all like that.

*cough* He has done that before… when his mother died, he forced the kingdom to suffer as he suffered…to the point of madness. Why did you not kill him?

Eh. Sometimes I just feel better about myself when I go nonlethal…if it's an option. He wants a world where nobody can hurt him? He can have a box to hide in for the rest of his life.

You intend to free the captured cities from his rule? He will still hold sway in the minds of his soldiers…it may be difficult to free them even now.

I'll deal with it. What about you guys? Want to work for me? I guarantee I won't pull any of that crap, and not just because I don't have magic powers. MSF is founded on making sure soldiers aren't the puppets of people like that.

Perhaps…let me think about it…

Good enough for me.

To be Continued