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Part 16: Time for Peace... right?

16. Time for some Peace…right?

Alexander the Great in a Metal Gear…can you imagine? He'd probably make the damn thing look just like him out of vanity.

Now that Alexander's dead, it's a simple matter to make peace with all his former "allies," like we were never at war.

Whew. Good.

Although it looks like most of the independent states have been seduced by Napoleon in a more traditional fashion…by which I mean bribes…but there's nothing we can do about that right now.

More good news.

We now have all the raw materials we need to rebuild a Metal Gear…but we still need more basic research done to reproduce it. Computers, electricity, and so on.

I'm ordering the research and production of some industrial technologies ASAP so we can get right on that, Huey. There's also this dedicated egghead tower that I'm working on at Mother Base, should be perfect for you to set up shop at.

Aside from Shaka, who hasn't made any movements against us, we control this entire island!

Yeah…I just hope he and Napoleon don't double up on us. I need a vacation and we need time to rebuild and research.

Ugh…politics…I hate politics. It looks like whoever has the most sway with the independents is going to be able to control what international laws get passed. And Napoleon's no lightweight. He's hitting us hard in the psychological warfare department too; French media is overwhelming the world.

Hiya, I'm Claude Shannon, the father of information theory! Want me to set up a lab somewhere or work myself to death to advance the science of cryptography?

Uhhh…no need to work yourself to death just yet. Gimme a lab or something. I'm trying to build a giant robot and that's a long-term investment.

When I asked you to build me a special R&D center I didn't expect it to be so…pretty.

People work harder when they're happier, and pretty buildings make people happy!

Do they think harder too?

Hi, I'm Rosalind Franklin, the stunningly sexy young geneticist of legend! Want me to make a clone of you or three?

Man, I don't even know what I'd do with one of me, let alone three. I have a feeling I'd be a terrible father. Just…give me another lab okay?

Though I do like how all these famous scientists keep showing up. I'm putting out a call for more!

We found a coal deposit near one of our outposts! If we can mine it up we can have modern coal factories running by the end of the week!

Do it! I want to be back in an approximation of the 20th century ASAP.

Snake, there's this guy…he says he's an experienced ex-Spetsnaz agent who wants to work for you. Codename: Shotmaker.

Shotmaker, eh?

Sir! Reporting for duty! You want me to kill anyone?

I'm pretty full-up on killing-people people these days, but I could use a good guard, someone who hangs around our base like a warden, killing off industrial spies. I hate it when those other bastards steal all our hard work.


Got some more R&D plans for you, Boss, but I think after this we're at total tech parity with the French. We might be able to overtake them after this…here's hoping.

We're from the 20th century, we have to have some kind of edge over him.

And in the meantime, let's prepare the biggest party the world has ever seen. We're at relative peace for the first time since we got here. I don't think the Zulus are going to make a move on us any time soon…I hope… and France is pretty far away from us for any advanced strike at their level of tech.

Goddamn it!


The Zulus. They've been stealing tech from us left and right! They just stole our navigational systems hardware from the base!

HEY! Shaka, come in! STOP SPYING! I killed Alexander the Great for less, you hear me?


Goddamn it, Shotmaker, do your damn job!

Sorry, sir! I'm new at this. Plus I need more coffee. I feel asleep.

Now we need even MORE technology to make up the difference. I order all personnel to do crossword puzzles in their spare time to exercise their brains!

Cecile, how's our mural team doing?

They're painting Batman comic pop art all over the side of the book store, sir.


Mother Base is almost back to full functionality, Snake…as close as we can get anyway. I was thinking…how about a special memorial?

Yeah…to the Unknown Soldier. Good idea.



Zulu spy stole our Architectural designs now!


Sorry, Boss. He kept jumping around, left and right and left and right, I couldn't hit him!

That does it. You're off guard duty. I'm assigning you ambassadorial duties to the French and pulling Kaz back to protect our secrets. Meanwhile… Shaka!

This is an official notice from me to the world that you're on my shitlist.

Words are worthless. Attack me, if you dare.

Snake…the Zulus were infamously good at fighting people who tried to use muskets on them…I wouldn't want to tangle with them until we had reliable rapid-fire weaponry, at the least…

Then that's our next research goal. And better horses!

Now that's more like it! I once almost saved the world with just a horse!

Ah…that was a good horse...

Snake, now that Mother Base is almost totally rebuilt, and we've expanded so much…we're a society, like you said. In fact, we're a superpower in this world. We need to decide the overall focus of our society.

Superpower, huh? Well…the two big superpowers, communism and capitalism…they were basically societies that embraced the power of individuals, which I kinda like, or total control, which…I don't like. Then again, we are a society of warriors, so…I think we should just focus on that. Besides, Napoleon's planning on killing us soon, right? We need to be ever-vigilant.

Alright. What specifically do you want us to focus on regarding that?

Mobilization, for one. We need forces all over the place at a moment's notice, if only to kill those damn savages that keep harassing our clients. And getting our boys toughened up a bit so they can fight well even when they're all alone would help too. Get us some elite forces with SERE training.

Haha, we completely knocked it out the park with our World's Fair!

The Pooyan Competition was a big hit with everyone. Who knew shooting soldiers on balloons out of the sky could be such a big international sport?

BOSS! I just killed another Zulu spy trying to get into our base.

Hah! See, Shotmaker? THAT is how you do it! Anyway. Get Shaka on the horn.

Mr. Shaka.

Big Boss.

I told you I'd be happy to leave you alone, but…THIS…IS…ENOUGH. You want my technology? You want my secrets that bad? I'll share them with you. I'll give you a live demonstration! I have fought every goddamned monster this planet has thrown at me so far, I can handle you.

Hmph. Someone manipulated Attila the Hun into attacking my people, and I am sure it was you.


Your words are as hollow as your eye socket. Come, then. Attack me openly. Your cowardice and lack of conviction will be your undoing.

Have it your way. We're at war, then.

Some good news, at least. I found a way to improve overall base efficiency, we should squeeze more out of our supplies now.

Good…we'll need all the help we can get.

There are five Zulu strongholds that we know of…two of which are actually captured city-states that Shaka took when he felt he didn't have enough breathing room. Our mission is to attack and liberate the city-states, tear apart the outlying outposts and then march on Ulundi. Samarkand's our buffer between our forces and theirs, and they've got a good-sized army to back us up with.

To Be Continued!