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Civilization V: Peace Walker

by Speedball



The hell is this? The Huns…they've got knights in full armor. They didn't have those historically, did they?

This entire continent is littered with bits and pieces of things from throughout human history, and they're not total dummies. They could have interrogated someone from a future historical epoch, too.

So, historically, the hard counter to mounted cavalry was spear-guys right?

We might need better spears than what we've got to take those down, but yeah.

Then that's what we're researching next.

There! A permanent defensive position near the border of the Hun territory, with lots of arrow slots. If any of these jokers get anywhere near here, we'll plug 'em full of arrows. Plus, we can get at those oranges more easily now…mmm…oranges…

Cargo Ship "Narwhal," your mission is to bring us food back to Mother Base. In fact, I'm ordering a special project at Mother Base, a sort of primitive hydroponics facility. Our boys and girls are starving out there!

Oh, this is so beautiful, Snake! Oh, and all the flowers will bring lots of birds from all over, too. Pollinators like hummingbirds and--

Yeah, yeah, birds. Got it. Thanks, Cecile.

Alright! Full armor, baby! I could cut a horse in half with this sword!

That's the idea. We're making it our mission to invade and liberate Assur. Ashurbanipal said he knew what was really going on in there. If he left any kind of clue…then that's where we have to go. Right through the Huns.

Hey, Boss! Your two typewriter monkeys here. We just whipped up something new for ya! It's a drama about a spy who investigates a corporation selling worthless junk to the world!

*snort* Hah. Okay. Give it to the guys at the playhouse, the troops will get a kick out of this.

Boss, there's a rowboat coming in off the shore! You won't believe who's on it!


Chico! Snake! You're all here!

Amanda! It's so great to see you again. I thought you were killed or sacrificed or something. Where were you?

Some other big island…huge… Snake, you've got to stop him!

Stop who?

You won't believe me if I tell you, but…

I'd believe quite a bit. Who, Amanda?



Hah! Called it! You owe me five gold!

And Genghis Khan!


Hah! You owe me TEN gold!

To be continued!