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Part 42: The Face of Evil!

Part 39: The Face of Evil

Everyone, get ready.

Hi, I'm Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi, the Persian polymath who discovered the chemical composition of alcohol and sulfuric acid!

Oooh, nice. I could use a man like you. I'll set you up a lab outside of Mother Base. Now, everyone ready? GO!

We're doing good, boss! We got him with his pants down!

Grrrggh. Now NOW! Deploy the special units!

Boss, this one unit of soldiers…they're kids! He's either desperate or crazy if he's using child soldiers.

I don't feel so good about attacking kids…

Shit. And that's probably what he's counting on. Use your tranqs if you can, but if it's you or them, defend yourself lethally! What the hell, Washington?

Hmph. When in times of war, one must use everything they have at their disposal for victory. Besides, haven't you used children too?

Who, Chico? I never put a gun in his hand, I hired him as a guide to keep him out of the bloody stuff!

You can't remember anything past 1974? Why?


Best of luck to you in your current conflict. I'm upping the trade deal in your favor so you can fund the war effort.

I'm sure the Boss will be very appreciative.

Frickin' Antwerp of all places is raiding our supply lines. How the hell did they get a scout ship all the way over here?

On the other hand some Hong Kong crossbow guys are helping out! Nice! Having friends pays off!

Boston's going down, sir! Do we keep it or tear it apart for scrap?

Toast it. We're going to have too hard a time with the war to keep track of a million lousy command posts.

My goodness, I had no idea you were a patron of the sciences too, your highness!

But of course! How else do you think my country became so affluent?

Little man, I require some luxuries. I will trade you some horses for it. You will accept this deal, I hope?

Uh…okay, your eminence, Voivode, I'll relay your transaction information. Shit, this guy is creepy as hell…

…you MORONS! When you decide to commission an art project to recreate something beautiful "like the Leaning Tower of Pisa," you don't deliberately reproduce its structural flaws! AAUUUGGGH!

But it's got pretty works of art in it!

I don't care! OUT! Reinforce the war effort you lummoxes! Or I'm feeding you to Nobunaga!


Artillery Team Tailbeak here! It looks like the Romans are taking advantage of our shelling of New York!

Huh. We may have to take it off their hands later, but…that's interesting.

Jesus, you think we brought enough cannons? I guess the stories about Washington being a rotten military commander were true.

He's not George Washington.


HEY! "Washington" or whoever you are! I demand your surrender immediately!

Alright. I'm already approaching your base camp. Personally.

Who the hell are you? There's no way "George Washington" could know my name, or about the events of my life or the 20th century.

Maybe I squeezed it out of your spy? She's still alive, you know. Maybe I could trade her to you! Heh.

I…and your personality is completely wrong! Who the hell are you?

A little misdirection, to keep my enemies guessing. I'm the President of the United States, that much is true. I'm not a "Washington," but I am a "George."

President George Sears, at your service.

Your face…