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Part 53: A Phantom is Coming

Part 49: A Phantom Is Coming

No more Mr. Nice Guy! Attack!


Aww, damn, I thought all his ships were going to be made of wood. How the hell is a guy who reads stone tablets using advanced technology?

I read the manuals, fool!

Another inventor from the future? Who's this guy?

I am Dr. Petrovich Madnar, at your service! I believe you met my son. I helped to invent--

LATER. Just help us build stuff. NOW. I want a new security system, I'm sick of these bastards subverting my systems and messing with our heads! That's my job.

I have an idea for that, yes.

Salvaged ironclads blowing up vessels full of Gatling Guns? Jesus, the technology just really isn't consistent at all in this world, is it? I feel like we're in Mad Max.

What's that?

It's, uh, a movie from--look, I'm from the eighties, it's from your future, just forget about it.

Osaka's being recaptured. Okay, troops, try not to kill anyone. They're all under some kind of mind control--so just tranquilize, taze or slap the shit out of everyone you meet. You've been trained on CQC chain-takedowns for a reason!

The new security systems are in place, Snake. It is highly unlikely they'll be able to steal any more technology from us.

Stealth Troops, Metal Gear and I will soon be making landfall near Babylon. What's going on over there?

Boss, I have no idea what happened but half his country is burning! I'm pretty sure we didn't do it! This whole landscape…it's like a nightmare!

…okay, that's creepy.

Boss, we're running out of supplies everywhere.

Well, what the hell am I supposed to do, make food and ammo appear out of nowhere? I… wait a minute. What's this button do? It's…

Oh. My God. Metal Gear G is equipped with giant Fulton Recovery Balloon launchers. This… will be the best… mission… EVER.


Kaz, get the recovery system ready for some serious recovery. Troops, slap a balloon on EVERYTHING YOU SEE!

I'm fultoning horses!

Fulton Recovery of cargo containers complete! I think they're full of Babylonian MREs. Tasty!

I'm fultoning American Civil War soldiers who think they're still working for Sherman!

I am fultoning marble statues! AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!

Your art is MINE! …oh, wait, this is my city. Uh…MY art is MINE!

I have just fultoned American poet Robert Frost.

Holy shit, Boss, our GMP is jumping through the roof again. Way to pull us out of our nose dive!

Shit! We're still losing troops! I think that was the battleship with the Shiny Cult guys on it!

Turn my ashes into diamonds! Hurk! Bleeaaaahhh…

You're doing great, everyone! This'll really put us to the test! Plunder EVERYTHING!

What the HELL!? These terrorists…they just teleported behind our lines out of nowhere! What the hell is going on!?

Heh heh heh heh heh…

What's left of the Romans are helping us out, Snake! I think we can win this if we don't screw up!

We're hitting their walls with everything we've got and they're barely feeling it. Damnable triple-thick Babylonian walls… Concentrate all fire on these weak points I've calculated!

We lost another ship! Most of our navy around Lisbon has been destroyed.

What the FUCK, he's doing that magic "summoning up soldiers" shit again! Right around his capital! I think Nebuchadnezzar can control all the time/space weirdness. These guys look like WWII Russian soldiers! They're shooting everything in sight!

Almost there! Just a little more time!

We're being shot up by goddamn Alternate-Universe CANADIANS! They're coming out of nowhere!

It's getting worse by the second. I'm not waiting for the rest of the troops. I'm driving Metal Gear in through the hole in the wall and crushing Nebuchadnezzar's palace flat personally! That ought to end this nightmare once and for all!

Oh, will it, Snake? Will it ever end? Let's see.

To Be Continued! Next time: Nebuchadnezzar Boss Fight!