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Part 41: He cannot tell the truth!

Part 38: He cannot tell the truth!

What the hell is your problem, man!?

Hmph. Don't talk to me. I'm insulted by your visage.

The hell…

Snake, there's something wrong here… these guys aren't acting like Colonial Americans. They're doing a good job of pretending, but…their accents are a bit off, for one, and they're a little too intimately familiar with the salvage they've been recovering.

Boss, we just made contact with another world leader! Umm…they're, uh…South American. Very South American.

Hello! So many interesting new people I see dotting the land. It's like discovering strange new insects wriggling beneath overturned rocks. Pleased to meet you!

Uh, greetings, your highness. I'll…I'll get back to you later, I have stuff I need to do. (Kaz?)

(Incan emperor. Conquered a lot of people, but not just through military means. He liked to systematically eradicate the culture of lesser tribes and replace it with his own. He also had magical powers.)

(Aww, crap. What kind?)

(He could bend the earth to his will, create landslides and earthquakes to consume his enemies. Probably just on a local scale, but bad enough. That swelled head of his isn't for nothing.)


Snake, someone's been stealing our architectural notes! I don't know who…we're not set up for counter-surveilance. Sorry. Could be anyone.

Dammit. Eva'd be good at this, she's a great double-agent, but she's on assignment with Washington. We'll just have to tough it out. In the meantime!

I want Strangelove's analysis program expanded to include workforce performance. All our specialists need to contribute to upgrading our tech in some way.

We've got a potential invasion force set up on what's left of Rome's borders…they've taken a beating from Washington… Might take a little while to swing them around the Romans to attack him, if necessary, or we could punch straight through Rome, but that might constitute a war crime in the eyes of the others. Your call, Boss.

Eughh… Let's prepare to take the long route if necessary.

These Inca guys have a huge system of walls built all around their cities, Boss! I don't think we can take 'em without air support!

That'd be one way to overcome his earth-powers… Good scouting, Marmoset!

Snake, I've gotten some info! Washington's going to attack Cumae and Antium once the current armistice expires, and he's going to assault MSF next! I--EEEEEKKK!

EVA! Respond!


There's no response…

Dammit… Eva…

(Gotta think of some way to distract these yahoos from the upcoming conflagration…I know, red tape!) Hey, how do you guys feel about reintegrating our core competancies to allow for greater interdepartmental synergy? (Heh, that ought to keep 'em spinning their wheels for a while…)

You're quite an interesting fellow, Big Boss. Best of luck to you in your current difficulties.

I'd ask you to help out but you've got your own problems, what with…*brrrr*… him next to you.

Perhaps I might ask for your assistance in the future? I'd make it worth your while, of course.


These guys look a lot more hardcore than most Colonial soldiers…probably Minutemen. We need to watch out, Snake, these guys were trained by the likes of the Swamp Fox, one of the pioneers of guerrilla tactics.

And that's assuming these guys actually are Americans, Eva said there was something up with them. Okay, I've made my decision. As soon as we can fit our units with some cannons, we're moving in. Whoever the hell this guy is…if he's Washington or not… he's breathing down our necks and is looking for trouble. We'll give it to him.

This comic's about three housewives in American suburbia who were trained by a magical ninja mentor to slaughter demons! In New Jersey! We'll call it "Ninja Jersey She-Devils!"

Gah, that sounds like the title of a porn film… Let's see what Bison's been writing...

It's a meta-commentary on the nature of sequels. Everything in this sequel sounds eerily familiar to the first installment because that's just what the bad guys are going for--to see if they could control the outcome if they reproduced the input. The hero only looks like a watered-down imitation of the original, but he's got his own baggage and is actually even more hardcore than the first hero, though you'd never know it from his sissy hairstyle.

I dunno, it's kind of risky, the fans of the original "IdeaSpy 2.5" might be turned off by something this artsy-fartsy…

Big Boss…or may I call you Snake? You've been a good trading partner so far, and have proven yourself to be a man of honor. Let's make it official.

Okay, sure.

As soon as you're done wrapping up your business over there, I invite you to dine at my palace in Lisbon. We've got delicacies from all over the world here!

Ma'am, you sure know how to hit a guy where it hurts…his stomach. Okay, I promise.

Snake, he's moving on the Romans!

Now's our chance. We attack tomorrow!

To Be continued!