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Part 23: The City of Lights!

Part 23: The City Of Lights!

Snake, Napoleon took our idea of a World's Fair and one-upped us with some version of the Olympics. This is propaganda, pure and simple. If we let him win this, he'll have won a lot of hearts and minds around the world…we can't let that happen. He's already subjecting us to a lot of psychological warfare.

Great. Maybe we should change our strategy…go for a decapitation strike at Paris instead of hitting Karakorum.

Yeah, exactly what I was thinking. His secret project won't be worth crap if his headquarters is taken down. And while he's working on this Olympics strategy we can surround and overwhelm the heart of his nation. Napoleon always was weaker when it came to naval battles.

Found some uranium deposits here, Snake! Dangerous stuff, as you and I both know…but we can put it to use. In nuclear reactors, if not nuclear weapons. That would alleviate all our power problems for a while to come.

Yeah…but before we openly attack Napoleon, we need to make absolutely sure he has no allies left. Napoleon was defeated historically when he ran out of friends, even with all this media warfare he's pulling, there's no way he can stop us if we just plain have more allies in battle than he does.

It took a while but we've repositioned our fleet near Paris and Orleans… we can see he's modernizing almost as fast as us. Key word being almost.

Sly bastard…he's building aircraft carriers. We need to wipe them out too, or he'll be able to strike hard at cities all over our world. Right now they don't have any planes on them…

Oh, Snake! The results of the international sports competition are in!

SON OF A BITCH! Alright. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Troops…prepare.

Emperor, I know you've got one of my top scientists working for you. I also know you're trying to revive nuclear weapons technology. And it's well-established that you really won't be satisfied until you have as much under your dominion as you possibly can. This is not acceptable.

Hah. You have no right to tell me what to do. You think you can intimidate the finest military mind the world has ever seen? I invite you to try. I have plans in place that will grant me true immortality, Big Boss.

Look, let me make it simple for you. NUKES ARE BAD. They're not just a bigger cannon that you can fire at someone, they poison the earth for decades and ruin the lives of civilians. Their toxicity spreads far beyond the target area and will probably wind up hurting he who uses them if he overdoes it…and that's not even getting into total nuclear devastation that happens when both sides start launching at each other. If you don't cease and desist, NOW…I'll have to cut you off before you have a chance to start.

Hah. I have heard of this "radiation poisoning" before, Snake. I'm unconcerned. When Strangelove's work is complete, nothing will be my concern.

Have it your way. TROOPS! ATTACK!

Wow, I've never had to organize this big an offensive before…

I have! Swarming the enemy from multiple sides to overwhelm and confuse them is a classic--and even on three dimensions, this is useful. Most of his flying machines were being constructed in Karakorum, not Paris, so his air attacks will take time to reach here.

It's a good thing we had a few fighter planes of our own on interception…his bombers are damaging our fleet but we're making them pay for it!

Give it up, Emperor! Your cities are crumbling!

Bah! Let them crumble. All I lose can be regained.

Yes! We've finally rediscovered our Sneaking Suit technology! We can start outfitting stealth operatives to sow havoc among our enemies on the battlefield.

Great…but right now our conventional troops are gonna have to do most of the work.

Oh, man. I'm French. What if killing these 19th Century Frenchmen causes a time paradox and wipes me out from existence?

Pretty sure that won't happen, Ostrich. If it did I think killing off Ashurbanipal would have made the rest of us illiterate.

Our troops are storming Paris now, Boss!

Hahahahaha! We may have lost the Sports Olympics but we won the Asskicking Olympics!

Excellent work! How's it look?

Bluntly, Boss? This place is gorgeous. All these beautiful buildings…

Napoleon's imperial guard sighted, Boss! He's barricaded the Tulieries Palace and dug in deep.

Don't blow it up--I want as much of this city preserved as possible. Our argument is with the man at top, not the people, understand? I'm heading in there personally to break the siege.

Heh… Come, then, Snake… see what happens when you face the true might of your betters…

To be Continued!