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Part 21: Fleet of the Damned

Part 21: Fleet of the Damned!

That was kind of cold for you, Snake. I thought you liked that Null, er, Grey Fox guy?

Ugh…well, he's had a hard life and I've done what I can to help him out, but…he's a time bomb. One thing sets him off, and he starts knifing everyone around him, regardless of if they're friendlies.


He needs more time away from the battlefield…and a much better therapist. But he hates doctors, and he's obsessed with work, so the best I can do is to put him on a low-heat mission very, very, very far away from us.

Hahahahaahahahaha! Who needs horses when you have a tank!?

You, uh, you like tanks, Parakeet?

Hell yeah! Big giant bulletproof ride that can blast through enemy barriers? What's not to love?

Note to self: get tank to impress next girlfriend.

Our navy is leaps and bounds beyond what Napoleon's currently got, Snake. If we wanted to make a move on him, soon would be good.

We need more bombardment-based naval vessels, but yeah. He's clearly sizing us up…*sigh* I never planned on conquering the whole world, but when the whole world really is against you, what choice do you have?


Don't taunt the French, Arowana.

Hi! I'm John D. Rockefeller. Can I interest you gentlemen in some ludicrously profitable business ventures?


MSF's a business, and now it's really getting the good business.

SHIT! Terrorists with automatic weapons!

Crap. Hang tight and fight smart, Howler Monkey, I'll try to get more guys to help you out there…

It looks like there'll always be business for us in this world. Even without Napoleon…

Snake, I think you need to take advantage of me.

…excuse me? I mean, you're a nice lady and all, but--

I don't think she means that.

Our enemy is Napoleon Bonaparte! I'm French. I can infiltrate their society more easily with less suspicion!

Uh, yeah, but, two things: first off, are you sure you won't have any reservations working against your ancestors, and two, you're a bird photographer.

Bah! I hardly have anything in common with these 19th century louts. And photography is a very important part of spycraft, isn't it?

Ugh… I'll think about it. Why don't you warm up with some ambassadorial missions to one of the independent states?

We've got a pretty good potential invasion force set up, Snake…at the least, what we have now is a deterrent to him attacking us.

I'd like to subvert the last of his allies away from him so we don't have to fight any city-states, though…


Chico? Kinda forgot you existed…what's up?

It's Genghis Khan! He's…he's waiting for you out in the fields!

Snake. Come. It's time for our deal to go forward.

Next Time: Genghis Boss Fight