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Part 37: War Runner

Part 34: War Runner

Boss, it's only a matter of time before that swarm of ballistas hammer their way back into the city. But we're sure to retake it with the counterattack. With all this fighting over Rome, there won't be much left of it…

I know. How's the salvage?

Pretty good. We should be able to institute new systems soon…

We need more efficient ways of bribing people. We'll never get the independents on our side by just waiting around doing guard duty.

Aaand there it goes…Christ. But they've used up all their good troops in the process.

(And, just to seal the deal, let's see if we can't get our buddy Washington in on the war…anything to take pressure off us, right?)

My new code name is "Chandragupta Maurya?"

Yeah, that's kind of a long one, but it's what we drew out of the hat. Ancient Indian emperor, united the whole land into one country.

Huh. Cool.

Okay, so this story is about two soldiers finding love on the battlefield.


With each other.

Tell me more!

And they're secretly both women.

Tell me everything!

Okay, so we've agreed to a cease-fire with what's left of the Romans…we were wise to take 'em out when we did, because we just cracked their military industrial complex straight in half. Now I guess we need to make sure Mr. Grumpy to our north gets shot up with a few tranquilizers… how's our military research going, Doc?

We should be almost done with the Trebuchets soon…I'm hoping we can make contact with more lost members of MSF, I rather miss some of them…

I thought you hated people.

Perhaps, but being a misanthrope is no fun when you can't complain about people to other people.

These Japanese guys don't have access to any steel, so their weapons all suck, for now. We'd better move before they can do anything about it.

Historically, feudal Japan didn't have much steel anyway, which is why they made the most use out of what they could find. If they get their hands on any iron we're in trouble.

Another training course?

Yup. This one's all about siege warfare--how to use those machines, basically. The Romans went nuts about using ballistas in combat--offense, defense, anti-city or anti-personnel. Might as well make use of it. So I built a giant statue for us to shoot at!

Nice. I'm outfitting our troops with better weaponry as we can get it--so that means we have time for more special projects. Strangelove's still hankering for a "proper" research facility… I guess she'll never be happy until she has that Mayan pyramid again.

Oh, shit.

Someone went off half-cocked! Our forces are fighting each other before they're even ready!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FINALLY! I haven't killed anyone all month! It feels good. It feels like…progress!

So, you live for war, it seems.

Hey! I can't help it, the world is full of assholes who keep fighting me!

Oh, I know. That seems to be your role. But I think this means we'll never be friends. I honestly expected as much from the moment I saw you, Jack.

Wh--how did you--whaaaat?!