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Part 43: Washington Boss Fight

Part 40: Solidus Boss Fight

Solidus approaches Snake's base camp from the distance, a grey-haired man almost identical to Big Boss, but with an eyepatch over his left eye. He's wearing battle-scarred futuristic muscle-armor with two mechanical tentacles draped over his shoulders, and two swords are on his hip. The MSF squad backs off, pointing their refurbished muskets at him.

Like looking at a long-lost relative, yes? I could be your father. But, actually, it's the other way around.

You're my…

Most parents would be proud to know their son grew up to be president, but in my case, the position was largely ceremonial. Unlike Liquid Snake, the dangerous radical, or Solid Snake, the stoic warrior, I, Solidus, was meant to encapsulate your leadership abilities…so they could control America through me.

…more goddamn puppet masters.

Then, later, they tried to quietly shuffle me out of the way.

Damn… so what did you do about it?

I did whatever I could. Killed a lot of people, took the current president hostage, seized a giant mobile sea fortress to turn Manhattan into an independent city-state, attempted to detonate a nuke over New York to sever their digital network…

Nuking New York? Are you crazy?! That wouldn't make you allies, that'd turn the whole world against you!

Hah! You're one to talk, Jack the Giant-Killer. Liberty must be achieved at any cost. It's one of the burning drives within me, to leave my mark on history before this aging clone body dies, and maybe make the world a better place.

Humph. I've seen how you wage war. I can't imagine how you'd make the world better, even in peace.

And here I am, being insulted by the image of my own father. You're not the Big Boss I remember. He was never afraid to do what was necessary.

When I woke in this strange anachronistic land I thought I had a new chance to remake my beloved America from the beginning, and make it free, truly free, forever. But now I'm not so sure. All these competing world leaders…it seems like a setup. A scenario. And if that's true, then someone's controlling things. I'm not free yet. I'll know the truth for sure, once I split open your head and see what's inside!

Solidus draws his swords and lunges! The MSF troops fire on him, but his high-frequency blades cut the musket balls out of the air with ease. He slashes the men and women in his path in two, but suddenly, someone leaps into his way and blocks him!


Nobunaga leaps between Solidus and Big Boss and blocks him with his own high-frequency sword!

YOU! Damn you, why didn't he kill you!?!

Let me handle this, Snake. He's MINE!

Nobunaga head-butts Solidus through the crossed swords and staggers him. The two back off and pace around each other like prowling tigers.

Well…now this is where things get interesting…

Solidus activates the jets in his battlesuit and blasts straight forward, knocking Nobunaga clean on his ass. Solidus raises his swords to finish him, but Nobunaga pulls out a Beretta 92fs with his left hand and opens fire, forcing Solidus to back off and block the bullets with his blade.

Ha ha ha HAA! I love guns!!!

Nobunaga gets to his feet, drops his sword and pulls out a second Beretta.

How far apart can you block!?

Nobunaga aims his first gun at Solidus' head and fires…and when Solidus blocks high, Nobunaga shoots his second gun at Solidus' feet. The shots hit! The armor on his boot absorbs a lot of the damage but it still wounds Solidus.



Nobunaga drops his guns, kicks his sword back up into his hands and rushes Solidus!

Not this time!

Solidus sweeps Nobunaga's legs out from under him with his tentacles, then grabs him by both hands and suspends him in the air.

A pity I don't have a burning castle to throw you into. I'll just have to settle for tearing you in half!


Solidus blinks. Big Boss is right behind him, holding a knife to his exposed eye.

All that armor, and you don't wear a helmet? Give it up. One move and you die.


Drop him! And the swords!

As you wish, father.

Solidus tosses down his swords and lowers Nobunaga…then shifts his weight and whips Big Boss off his back with the back end of one of his tentacles! A quick sweep throws him to the ground, and then Solidus throws Nobunaga right on top of him. He snatches up Nobunaga's own sword with one tentacle.


I'll shish kabob you!

Solidus launches himself into the air with his jets and is about to skewer them both from above with his remaining sword…but then Snake and Nobunaga roll away to each side, grab a fallen HF sword each and jab it into his torso as he comes down!

GRrraauuugghhh! No…no…not… like this…

If you're fighting for a freer world, maybe actually giving a damn about other people might've helped.

No… Washington… Jefferson… Lincoln… Roosevelt… I've failed you…

Don't worry. We'll bury you with all the honors a president deserves.

Gugh…Big Boss… no… Snake… you're incredible. You… don't let them defeat you… don't even let yourself defeat you… do you understand? ggguhhh…

Snake ponders the man as he expires.

Killing your own son, from an even darker future than your own. I hope this is not an ill omen…

Yeah… Hey… where the hell did you get those guns?

Traded for them with the Portuguese, of course!


To Be Continued!