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Part 59: The End is never The End

Part 53: The End is never The End

Actually, I really was possessed by Liquid, which is why I had to cut off his arm. But it was such a good excuse I kept up the act… just in case I ever needed to absolve myself of “his” actions.

You are one complicated bastard. How do you keep track of all the lies?

Oh, I always tell the truth. I just change my mind about what it is.

Snake, I was thinking…you need a new code name. Well, a new full code name anyway. To differentiate yourself from the historical Big Boss.

What have you got in mind?

Plastic Snake.


It’s synthetic, but based on organic material. It’s strong, flexible…better than the real deal in a lot of ways.

…heh. Plastic Snake. I like it. Hmm. HEY! RUSHMORE! Time to come out from behind the curtain!

Snake, you’ve done it! They’re all amazed at this conclusion. Of course, they’re going to debate the ethical fallout of this for years, but you’ve done it. You haven’t just proven the worthiness of AI, you’ve proven the worthiness of humans as well.

So…what happens after this? Do you switch us off?

Not unless you want me to. There are various jobs for all of you…though I think anything to do with the real world would be iffy for you, Snake.

Yeah… “It’s the mind of Good Hitler in a robot body!” I can see how that wouldn’t fly for someone with the legacy of Big Boss. And I’ve got another problem, too…I still love fighting. I hate the cost of war, but I still love to fight. It’s all I really think about. Ocelot’s even worse than me, he’s not happy if he’s not hurting someone. What kind of fate could someone like that possibly have?

There is a perfect position I have for you, Snake. Trust me on this.

The various AI personalities were put in jobs of their own requests, where they could do the most good and feel the most satisfied. Helping humanity become more than what it was, and helping themselves become more than what they were.

The personality of Chico, always eager for new discoveries, became part of a space probe dedicated to seeking out alien life.

One of these days I’ll be back, Amanda! Don’t worry about me!

The personality of Amanda retired from military life to become the manager of a bunch of farming robots tending to Nicaragua.

It’s hard work, but it’s something to be proud of. See you in the country…

Digital Cecile became a host for Dance Dance Revolution, whipping kids into shape with a strong beat.

This is so fun!

The digital Dr. Strangelove and Dr. Emmerich got in touch with their digital descendants who had been developed using the same Vocaloid technology they had used for Metal Gear Zeke.

Heh. I don’t have much in common with the kids these days, but it’s fascinating to interact with mimetic beings.

Who knows what they themselves will someday give birth to?

The Kaz Miller AI was used as a consultant for making emerging small businesses into big ones. He was also kind of a lecherous fool on the side. The various MSF personalities became his data assistants.

Man, there’s this really cute little accounting program working for Sterling Sheep I’ve got to introduce you to sometime.

Hah! Tell me more!

And what of Snake, Nobunaga and Ocelot? They craved violence, yet had learned the cost of it. But there was still one world, one existence, where they could indulge these cravings without causing any lasting harm.

Are you serious?

Excuse me?

You’re conducting diplomacy with us in front of the burning castle of your previous victims.

Hey! They deserved it!

Excuse me. I’m a Viking and I’d love to have an incredible battle with whoever wants to throw down. Are you up for it?

Are we ever!

Heh. Life as a video game. It’s the perfect existence for someone like me. This is good, isn’t it?

This is great. Let’s go!