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Part 13: Allied 12 - Operation: Chrono Storm

Allied 12: Operation: Chrono Storm
Operation: Chrono Storm

With the Chronosphere online, and the Soviets on the run outside of their country's borders, it is time to finally strike the decisive blow against Romanov and his goons! The first objective is to clear an area so that we may safely Chronoshift units near the Kremlin. Be aware that Romanov's most powerful and fanatical units will surely be guardian the capital and surrounding area, so do not let your guard down. The Reds are getting desperate, end this once and for all!

The home of evil itself, Moscow!

Location: Moscow, Soviet Union
Objective: Eliminate the Black Guard and capture Romanov.

Briefing: The war is nearly at an end. A hand-picked group of volunteers will use the Chronosphere to invade Moscow from across the world. Once you have secured the Kremlin, Tanya will capture Romanov and put an end to Soviet aggression. You are the only commander skilled enough to make this work. Your forces will be outnumbered at least ten to one. Good luck.

Author's note: A fun mission, with the entire Allied tech tree finally at your fingertips. The easiest way to cheese this mission is to devote your energy to Chrono Legionnaires, and keep a large anti-Kirov force at home.

Name: Unknown
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Padre (Presumably)
Voiced/Played by: Donald La Mothe

Padre reading the testament for Gen. Carville.

Name: President Dugan
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: President of the United States of America
Voiced/Played by: Ray Wise

President of the United States of America. Helped install Premier Romanov in Soviet Russia. Defected to the Reds. Rehabilitated after the destruction of the Psychic Beacon in Washington D.C. Is willing to authorize lethal force in urban areas... provided you don't harm any of his constituents.

Name: Unknown
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Honor Guard
Voiced/Played by: Unknown

Honor Guard for Gen. Carville.

Name: Unknown
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: Secret Service
Voiced/Played by: Spike Measer or Robert Garretson

Personal protection detail for President Dugan. (They made an earlier appearance during Haill To The Chief's in-mission video. I can't tell either apart.)

Chrono Legionnaire
RANGE: Medium
WEAPON: Chrono-Gun
COST: 1500

A Chrono Legionnaire never walks anywhere. Instead of walking, he teleports around the map. The distance of the teleport determines how long it takes him to “phase back in” at his new location. While phasing back in, the Chrono Legionnaire is vulnerable to enemy fire. His weapon is unique. Rather than destroying enemy units and structures, his weapon simply erases them out of time. The more powerful the enemy, the longer this takes. While being erased, the enemy unit is invulnerable. If the Chrono Legionnaire is killed while erasing a unit, the partially-erased unit will reappear.

Author's Note: The ultimate infantry, able to eliminate, from history, any units or building, provided they are on the ground. Yes, they need protection while erasing their target from time, just train more Legionnaires!

Gap Generator
COST: 1000
PURPOSE: "Cloaking" Device

Much of the Allied strategy revolves around gathering superior information and denying information to the Soviets. When a Gap Generator is deployed, it creates a shroud over a wide radius, hiding the Allied base from Soviet radar. The Gap Generator requires a great deal of power to maintain.

Author's Note: This exists.

Weather Machine
ARMOR: Concrete
COST: 5000
PURPOSE: Allied Super Weapon

The Weather Control Device gives the Allied commander the ability to control the forces of nature. Once built, the Weather Control Device will create a powerful lightning storm, which can be deployed over any part of the map, causing incredible destruction. The lighting storm will destroy buildings and units over a large area. When a Weather Control Device is built, all players will receive notification of the construction, and the shroud above the device is removed. All players will also receive a countdown as the lightning storm is developed.

Author's Note: The Allied version of the Nuclear Missile, without the radiation after effects. High damage, large area of effect, but the cost and power consumption may make you think twice about getting one.


Faster than Par Time: "Your legendary command skills will go down in history. You are one of the greatest generals of all time."

Slower than Par Time: "Romanov is captured, the war is won. Victory is yours."

:siren: :siren:


:siren: :siren:

The End Of The Allied Campaign

As the Black Guard are thrown into the nearby river, the Weather Control Device exacts a toll on the Soviets, and the remaining nukes are disabled by Prism tanks, we see Tanya and some GIs infiltrate the Kremlin just prior to Romanov's attempt at subterfuge, catching him with his pants down.

Name: Tanya
Aliases: Widowmaker
Affiliation: Hired Gun
Occupation: Special Agent / International Gun For Hire
Voiced/Played by: Kari Wuhrer

Agent Tanya is a renowned mercenary who plays by her own rules. It has been suggested that the name "Tanya" may be a codename, similar to Agent 007. Responded to the crisis and helped recapture the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, after having dealt with the Soviet invasion in New York. Sent to Poland to destroy the forward Soviet nukes used to deter European involvement in the ongoing Third World War. Sometimes uses an AK-47, sans top cover, as her primary weapon. Vital in several Allied operations of the war, and personally captured Premier Romanov in his HQ.

Names: Unknown
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Allies
Occupation: General Infantry (GIs)
Voiced/Played by: Sharif Perry, Micheal Rouleau, and Jeremy Olson

Aided Tanya in storming the Kremlin. (I'm not 100% who is who in this video)

Names: Unknown
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Occupation: Personal Guard to the Premier of the Soviet Union
Voiced/Played by: Unknown

Personal Guard to Romanov.

Names: Unknown
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet Union
Occupation: Aide to the Premier of the Soviet Union (Unconfirmed)
Voiced/Played by: Unknown

Personal Aide to Romanov.

Name: Alexander Romanov
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Premier of the Glorious Soviet Union
Voiced/Played by: Nicholas Worth

Premier of the Soviet Union. Caught with his pants down while trying to evade capture by the Allied forces in his Headquarters.