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Part 14: Soviet 01 - Operation: Red Dawn

Soviet 01: Operation: Red Dawn
Operation: Red Dawn

The time has come to bring down the sleeping giant and end its arrogant grip on the world used only for its own gains. To this aim, we have devised a plan to invade the United States from Mexico, while also hitting the eastern and western seaboards, centering on centers of power, income, and technology. With one swift stroke, your men will cut the head off of the American forces by targeting and destroying the Pentagon. Retaliation should not be expected, as Yuri has assured the Premier that no nukes will be launched, and forces back in the Motherland are strategically positioned in order to put pressure on the European allies and keep them out of the conflict. Do not disappoint us!

Washington D.C., USA

Location: Washington D.C., USA
Objective: Destroy the Pentagon!

Briefing: It is your good fortune to be in the vanguard of the Soviet assault on the United States. Lead your troops through Washington and destroy the most hated symbol of American military power, the Pentagon.

Author's note: A nice intro, although I feel like they should've skipped the base-building with how many reinforcements you get, even on hard.

Name: Lt. Zofia
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Intelligence Officer
Voiced/Played by: Aleksandra Kaniak

Intelligence Officer to the Commander.

Name: Alexander Romanov
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Premier of the Glorious Soviet Union
Voiced/Played by: Nicholas Worth

Premier of the Soviet Union. Has a pet turtle named Harry; no dove though.

Name: Yuri
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Aide/Confidant to the Premier of the Soviet Union [Unconfirmed]
Voiced/Played by: Udo Kier

Aide/Confidant to the Premier of the Soviet Union.

RANGE: Short
WEAPON: AK-47 (Assumed)
COST: 100

The counterpart to the Allied GI is the Soviet Conscript. Not able to deploy into a fortified position, Conscripts are cheaper to build than the Allied GI.

Author's Note: Your basic infantry, only great for massed attacks or for garrisoning buildings.

Attack Dog (Soviet)
RANGE: Short
COST: 200

Specially-trained Siberian Huskies, Attack Dogs are extremely effective against infantry, but are completely worthless against vehicles and structures. Additionally, Attack Dogs are your first, best, and only line of defence against Allied Spies. You’ll want Attack Dogs guarding your base at all times.

Author's Note: German Shepherds vs Siberian Huskies.

War Miner
RANGE: Short
ARMOR: Medium
WEAPON: 20mm Autocannon
COST: 1400

The counterpart to the Allied Chrono Miner, the main purpose of the War-Miner is collecting Ore to be processed into credits. Once processed by a refinery, the Ore allows for the production of both units and structures. Unlike the Allied Chrono Miner, the War-Miner is not completely defenceless. It is armed with a sizeable mounted gun, which gives it the ability to protect itself from minor threats. Like all heavy vehicles, it can also crush enemy infantry by driving over them.

Author's Note: Much tougher than the Chrono Miner, the War Miner trades in the capability to teleport back to base to have twice the capacity for ore, as well as having a 20mm autocannon for protection.

Tesla Reactor
COST: 600
PURPOSE: Produces Power

The Soviet army depends on the Tesla Reactor to run its base operations. Like Power Plants, Tesla Reactors are extremely important, but are very vulnerable. These structures must be protected at all times. Spies are a particular nuisance.

Author's Note: The Soviet version of the Power Plant, it provides less power while also costing less.

Ore Refinery (Soviet)
COST: 2000
PURPOSE: Provides Income

Your War Miners need somewhere to take the Ore they collect. That place is the Ore Refinery, a structure at the very heart of your economic operation. A filled Miner will return to the Refinery to dump its load of Ore before returning to the field. This Ore is then converted into credits, which you can use to purchase structures and units. Each Ore Refinery comes with a Miner. You will need one of these buildings in every mission and will often want several. Make more Miners and Ore Refineries to make more money.

Author's Note: Same as the Allied version.

Barracks (Soviet)
ARMOR: Steel
COST: 500
PURPOSE: Trains Infantry

The creation of all infantry units from the basic Conscript to the advanced [REDACTED] is performed at the Soviet Barracks. Many of your more powerful and effective structures and base defenses require the presence of a Barracks.

Author's Note: The manual doesn't use the Soviet version of the Barracks, oddly enough.

Sentry Gun
ARMOR: Steel
COST: 500
PURPOSE: Base Defense

This stationary gun is used to defend against enemy infantry. It is not a very effective weapon against vehicles.

Author's Note: It's a cooler pillbox.


Faster than Par Time: "The Pentagon was crushed so quickly that many important American generals were captured by our victorious soldiers, crippling their armed forces."

Slower than Par Time: "Thanks to you, the Pentagon has been destroyed and the American military has been thrown into chaos."