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Part 34: Soviet X02 - Operation: Deja Vu

Soviet X02: Operation: Deja Vu
Operation: Deja Vu

With our travel back in time, we've been able to warn Premier Romanov of the impending dangers to the Soviet Union. Not only that, but we stand primed and ready to deal a decisive blow against the Allies, before we concentrate our forces against the traitorous Yuri!

Black Forest, Germany. How will the Soviets manage to get units here?

Location: Black Forest, Germany
Objective: Destroy Einstein's Lab and the Chronosphere

Briefing: We lost the battle in the Black Forest for the first time around and were eventually defeated by the Allies with the help of Einstein's Chronosphere. This time, we must not fail. Destroy Einstein's laboratory and Chronosphere to ensure Soviet victory in our war against the Allies.

Author's note: It turns out there's an even faster way of beating this mission!

Name: Alexander Romanov
Aliases: None
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Premier of the Glorious Soviet Union [DECEASED?]
Voiced/Played by: Nicholas Worth

Premier of the Soviet Union. Has a pet turtle named Harry; no dove though. A rather jovial fellow. Either has a medical condition, or is affected by Yuri by some fashion. Allegedly murdered by General Vladimir. Murdered by Yuri. Sends a tape to Zofia so that she may relay it to the Commander.



Faster than Par Time: "Your ferocious assault on Einstein's lab and the swift destruction of the Chronosphere have ensured that the Soviet people shall be victorious in the war. The Allies are already retreating on all fronts."

Slower than Par Time: "Though the Chronosphere was destroyed, Einstein had enough time to flee with his research papers and keep his Chronosphere project alive."