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Part 19: Soviet Mission 05 "Khalkis Island"

Soviets Mission 05
Soviets Mission 05

With successful attacks into Germany, and the spy threat dealt with, the intelligence officer now tasks us with being the diversionary force to pull Allied troops away from Berlin.

Somewhere north-east of Athens, although hard to determine where specifically. Skiros Island? Andros Island?

Location: Somewhere in the area East of Athens. Oh, the briefing states "Khalkis Island", so more directly North of Athens than East.
Objective: Capture the Allied radar dome and capture Khalkis Island.

Briefing: Khalkis Island contains a large quantity of ore that we need. The Allies are well aware of our plans, and intend to establish their own base there. See to it that they fail. In addition, capture their radar center so we can track Allied activity in this area.

Author's note: A memorable mission from my childhood, but not necessarily positive. I admit, the dislike I have for this is fueled in part by the engineer rework and my dumb kid-brain.

Name: Joseph Stalin
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Leader of the Soviet Union
Voiced/Played by: Gene Dynarski

Leader of the Soviet Union, he has grand plans for the conquest of Europe and does not like to be let down by his commanders. Personally promotes the Commander to Field Captain.

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Constructs & repairs naval vessels
The Sub pen builds and launches Submarines and Transports. Damaged Submarines and Transports docked in the Sub Pen are repaired

Author's Note: The same as the Allied Naval Yard, with the addition that a spy infiltrating this gives the spy's team the Sonar Pulse, capable of revealing all submerged units on the map.

ARMOR: Medium
WEAPON: Torpedo
Silent and stealthy, Submarines can attack ships from afar. Subs must surface to fire, giving away their position, and opening themselves up to any nearby units that can hit them.

Author's Note: The only combat ship for the Soviets, the submarine is submerged until it attacks, and is rather vulnerable to most things.