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Part 20: Soviet Mission 06 "Bridge over the River"

Soviets Mission 06
Soviets Mission 06

After capturing Khiska island, the Soviets have finalized a bomb, or bombs, of some sort and Stalin has tasked us with transporting some vital trucks to a Soviet base to finalize the project.

Most likely in the area of Dubrovnik.

Location: Dubrovnik, Yugoslavia
Objective: Deliver the trucks to the designated area.

Briefing: There is a special cargo that needs to be transported to a nearby Soviet base in the northeast. Make sure the trucks reach their destination intact. Along the way, there is a bridge which the Allies may have destroyed. If so, use the Navy at your disposal. Our attack subs will make short work of any Allied boats you discover.

Author's note: A rather simple mission, although, I believe, not the one that you can cheese immediately. Regardless, it still offers a nice challenge considering how basic it is.

Name: Joseph Stalin
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Leader of the Soviet Union
Voiced/Played by: Gene Dynarski

Leader of the Soviet Union, he has grand plans for the conquest of Europe and does not like to be let down by his commanders. Personally promotes the Commander to Field Captain.

Name: Unknown
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Intelligence Officer for the Soviets
Voiced/Played by: Andrea Robinson

Projects a perfectionist attitude and seemingly holds a grudge against Gradenko.

ARMOR: Light
PURPOSE: Construction of high-tech
The Soviet Tech Center allows the construction of high-tech units like the Mammoth Tank and Tesla Coil.

Author's Note: Not different from the Allied version, just in what in unlocks.

RANGE: Short
WEAPON: Flame-thrower
These soldiers are slower and more susceptible to damage than other infantry (due to the large tanks of flammable chemicals they carry). The Flame Soldier can decimate structures and infantry in seconds with his flamethrower.

Author's Note: A sad evolution from its Tiberian Dawn days. The flamethrower infantry lost its characteristic speed, but remains just as soft, and just as deadly. There's ways to make them work in the player's favor, but I'd rather go with Grenadiers.