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Part 26: Soviet Mission 12 "Capture the control centers [Part 1]"

Soviets Mission 12
Soviets Mission 12

Stalin wants the Chronosphere and, due in part to Gradenko's failures, that objective has been delayed until now. Thankfully, there have been signs to indicate that a Chronosphere is in operation near Ceti(?), and we must capture it.

I dunno I'd guess somewhere near Zug, but the map is so small that it could be anywhere in the middle of Switzerland.

Location: Ceti(?), Switzerland
Objective: Capture the Chronosphere at all costs!

Briefing: We have learned the location of the Chronosphere weapon, and we want to capture it. The Allies have boobytrapped the Chronosphere to explode if approached. Capturing the tech centers BEFORE taking the Chronosphere may allow you to defuse any traps. Use extreme caution.

Author's note: A lovely introduction and a challenging map, it's kind of a shame that it offers the same basic premise as the last level, yet does it in a less frustrating fashion.

Name: Joseph Stalin
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Leader of the Soviet Union
Voiced/Played by: Gene Dynarski

Leader of the Soviet Union, he has grand plans for the conquest of Europe and does not like to be let down by his commanders. Is in a relationship(?) with Nadia. Asks Gradenko for a show of loyalty by signing death warrants for suspected traitors to the Soviet Union. Personally promotes the Commander to the rank of General.

Name: Capt. Georgi Kukov
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Commander within the Soviet Forces [Chief of Field Operations]
Voiced/Played by: Craig Cavanah

A seemingly no-nonsense leader within the Soviet Forces. A god damn pervert who likes to watch his boss fuck. Conspiring with Nadia to eliminate Gradenko. Allows the player the use of the new MiG attack aircraft. Notifies Stalin of a potential Chronosphere location in Switzerland.

Name: Nadia
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet
Occupation: Intelligence Officer for the Soviets
Voiced/Played by: Andrea Robinson

Projects a perfectionist attitude and seemingly holds a grudge against Gradenko. Tasks the Commander with preventing a nuclear meltdown. Is in a relationship(?) with Stalin. Murdered Gradenko via poisoned tea; It was delicious.

Name: Unknown
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Soviet(?)
Occupation: Unknown
Voiced/Played by: Unknown

Advisor to Joseph Stalin, apparently. Everyone appears uncomfortable when he is in the room. WHO ARE YOU?!