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Part 30: Allies - Sarin Gas: Down Under

Sarin Gas: Down Under
Sarin Gas: Down Under

After having destroyed a major Sarin Gas convoy, the Allies have learned of a major underground facility used to produce the deadly nerve gas. Infiltrate it and find out what you can before putting an end to it!

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Location: Unknown, Unknown
Objective: Infiltrate the Soviet Sarin Gas plant.

Briefing: We've traced the convoy's route to this underground facility. We suspect that this is a hidden access to the Soviet's main Sarin plant. Lead your troops through the tunnels and remove any opposition you may find. Be careful -- the Soviets are conducting all kinds of research in this facility, and we don't know what they may throw at you. Use spies to scout and infiltrate factories where they can steal vehicles. The mission is complete when your forces reach the far exit of the facility.

Author's note: An underground map, yay! Its not too difficult, other than on your spy game, so be careful with them. The briefing text explains why you're seeing a Mammoth tank here and there, and the same applies to the Tesla Coils. If this was in the campaign proper, maybe this would have been the introduction to either or both things?