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Part 32: Allies - Personal War

Personal War
Personal War

After eliminating the Soviet's capability to produce Sarin Gas, Stavros receives word of Soviet nuclear weapons being produced. Information vital to our efforts in stopping them lies with a Soviet informant, and Stavros wishes to meet them personally. Unfortunately, the Soviets have also received word of this meeting.

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Location: Unknown, Greece
Objective: Get Stavros to safety.

Briefing: With the fighting fast approaching Athens, Stavros has insisted that he be allowed to survey the damage in his own hometown in Greece. You must escort Stavros through the town and to a nearby friendly outpost. Once you reach it, evacuate Stavros to safety. If anything should happen, get Stavros to safety any way possible. He must be kept alive.

Author's note: Things get turned up to 11 as the Soviets bring all out war to Greece. This explains why Stavros does so little in the Allied campaign (or am I just covering for him?)

Name: Gen. Carville
Aliases: Unknown
Affiliation: Allied
Occupation: General in the Allied Forces
Voiced/Played by: Barry Corbin

Impressed with the Commander's work, he awards them with a field promotion to Sergeant.